Daniel’s IEP

So! Daniel started preschool! Did I mention this? At age 3, kids “graduate” early intervention and if they are still in need of services, they start getting them through the school district. Which means, PRESCHOOL! Daniel actually started a couple weeks before his birthday, to give the teachers time to observe him so we could set reasonable goals for his IEP.

Unrelated to the IEP meeting, Daniel LOOOOOVES school. Loves it. So much that I can’t get him dressed on non-school days, because getting dressed means GO TO SCHOOL! Or, at the very least, go somewhere in the car. He goes Monday through Thursday from 8 ish to noon ish. I think school hours are actually more like 8:45 to 11:15, but his bus picks him up about 8:15 and drops him off about 11:45. The bus! He rides the bus! He LOOOOVES the bus. His bus is just for the preschool kids, so it has carseats and comes right to our house. It’s pretty great. Anyway! Back on topic.

His IEP meeting happened just before his birthday, and although “First IEP Meeting” seems intimidating, it really was not much different from his IFSP meetings, which have been happening since he was 8 weeks old. (For those who don’t know, IEP stands for individualized education plan and IFSP stands for individualized family services plan.) Anyway, I met with his preschool teacher, our coordinator, and the therapists he’ll see at school. (Physical, occupational, and speech.) His main goals for PT are to work on jumping, running, and lifting his feet higher when he walks so he can step over things, and step up onto a stair, etc. He’s doing pretty well with his OT stuff, the big thing we want to work on is eating with utensils, but that’s much more about behavior than fine motor skills. His speech teacher wants him to be able to name more objects (we talked specifically about using more signs.) The goal is (I think) 8 signs during a 15 minute period. She said he can definitely do that during snack time, but doesn’t do many signs during the rest of class. She asked if any of his previous speech therapists had talked to me about using more naming signs instead of just “more” or “please” when he wants something. I told her we haven’t actually had any speech therapists who did signing and that all the ones he knows are signs I’ve taught him. She was pretty pleased with that, and said she’d send a list of other signs that would be good for him to learn.

And there you have it! I could be more detailed if I bothered to go find my notes from the meeting, but meh. It’s late. I was going to add a picture, but wordpress has other ideas. SORRY.


I guess not sleeping wasn’t enough?

Last Sunday (2 days after I got back from my trip) Lydia tried to blind Brian. Okay, maybe she didn’t do it ON PURPOSE, but I wouldn’t put it past her. Brian was holding her and turned to the side talking to Will when she threw her hands back getting ready to clap. Since he wasn’t really paying attention to her, he didn’t do any of the move/shut your eyes/twist your head things you normally do when you see your kid’s fingers coming at your face. So she caught him square in the eye with her thumb. It hurt (OBVIOUSLY) that night, but we rinsed it with eye wash from our first aid kit and made sure there wasn’t anything in it and figured it would be better in the morning. Except in the morning he couldn’t even open it. So, off to urgent care! The doctor there gave him some numbing drops so she could look in it and gave us an official diagnosis of, “BIG ol’ scratch!”

Unfortunately they don’t prescribe the numbing drops (ever, basically) so he just had to deal with the pain once they wore off. Turns out eye pain doesn’t really respond to regular painkillers. Just for extra good times. And it wasn’t just that it hurt to open that eye (he basically couldn’t because it caused both eyes to water so much) it hurt even if he moved it while it was closed. Which meant he pretty much just had to lay still with both eyes closed. FOR TWO DAYS. It was bad y’all. Even when he went back to work on Wednesday people commented on how awful it looked. THREE DAYS LATER. So yeah. That was fun.

In other Lydia news, Brian is trying to re-sleep train her and I am trying not to screw it up. Also, she’s taking steps! I have seen her stand unsupported before now, but I saw her take unassisted steps for the first time yesterday. So maybe one of these days she’ll start walking! Maybe not though. She seems pretty content to just be carried around all the time.

Sleep. Or lack thereof.

Brian had Lydia sleeping through the night and I broke it. I don’t know what I did, but SOMETHING, apparently. See, at the beginning of last week (Sunday, actually) I left on vacation. It was a trip with my mom and my sisters, out to visit some of my mom’s family in California with the main purpose of picking up some boxes of things that my grandmother had left my mom. It was a great trip, but that’s not the point of this post. The point is, Brian was here alone with all the kids and we decided he should do some sleep training with Lydia. We figured it would be easier without me here because a) he can sleep through crying better and b) uh…I’m not sure there was a b.

We’ve never had to do serious sleep training before. We’ve done some bedtime fussing, but the other kids started sleeping through the night on their own, without any intervention from us. (Kalena at 7 months, Will at 10 months, Daniel at like 3 weeks) Lydia, on the other hand, was clearly not headed that way. She HAD slept through the night a handful of times, but always just randomly. And at 13 months old she was still waking and wanting milk usually at least twice a night. So Brian did some cry it out. He tells me there was LOTS of crying the first couple nights, but less the third night, and only when he first put her down, so by the time I came home on Friday, she’d slept through the night three nights in a row.

However, it seems my mere presence was enough to screw up all his work and in the 5 nights I’ve been home there has been quite a bit of crying. Sometimes it’s crying at bedtime, sometimes it’s during the night, never is it any fun. Also, she seems to be transitioning to one nap, except it’s not every day. (Today, for instance, she was exhausted and crying by 8 am. Definitely a 2 nap day.) I’m not sure what to do to fix it, since I’m not even sure what I did to mess it up in the first place! I’m just hoping that she’ll get the hang of sleeping through the night SOON.

Made it through

Well, I made it through yet another year of NaBloPoMo managing to post every day. This year I definitely thought about it less than usual and there were a couple nights I almost forgot. I guess I really am busier with 4 kids. Shocking.

Anyway, I think I generally do a “what the kids are getting for Christmas” post, so here goes for this year. Mostly I can sum up Kalena and Will’s gifts in one word: LEGOS. Legos have been a huge hit around here lately and I’m a big fan, so there will be many new lego sets under the tree this year.

Will is especially obsessed with Chima Legos, so he’s getting several of these speeder sets:

chima speedorz

{photo from amazon.com}

I don’t even know if he’s getting that exact set, but sets like that. I found them at Target for 50% off back in August or something and bought a bunch.

He’s also getting this storage bag to store them all in. (He’s kind of obsessed with the storage bags Brian has for his models, so I’m pretty sure he’s going to love this.)

speedorz bag

{photo from amazon.com}

Kalena is getting some random Lego sets, because she doesn’t have one specific obsession like Will does. So!

A princess set:

lego jr princess

a Lego Friends set:

lego friends

a Lego Movie set:

lego movie

and a Ninjago set:


{all photos from amazon.com}

She’s also getting a My Little Pony, and a little learn to stitch set (because she watches me cross stitch and wanted to learn.)

The two of them are getting an Angry Birds Go board game, because the love the app and I came across this on clearance for like $7. Plus they’re each getting an extra car for it as a stocking stuffer.

angry birds go

{photo from eBay.com}

They’re also each getting a $20 gift card to the Disney store, because I had enough Disney Movie Reward points to get them. How could I say no to free gift cards?!

And because *I* needed it, they’re getting the Research Institute Lego set too.

research institute

{photo from amazon.com}

In fact, maybe I should just put that under the tree with my name on it.

Daniel, because he loves Elmo, is getting an Elmo stuffed animal, Elmo book, and an Elmo spoon & fork. Plus some bristle blocks. Oh, and because she’s the best, my sister is making him a “basic skills” book- the kind where he can zip a zipper, button a button, put something in a pocket, that sort of stuff.

Lydia needs nothing, but no presents is no fun! She’s getting some stacking cups, a couple soft books, a twisty teething toy, and, because sometimes I’m sentimental, a glow worm. (I had one I loved as a little kid.)

Oh, and all the kids are getting pjs in their stockings. I know lots of people do new Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve, but 1) I’m not a fan of opening gifts before Christmas morning and 2) only Lydia’s are actually Christmas pjs. Kalena’s are My Little Pony, Will’s are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Daniel’s are bears. Anyway, there you have it! I still don’t know which gifts will be from Santa and which ones will be from us. And I may get each of the big kids a book. I usually do (because books are the BEST) but I haven’t yet. Also, I ordered a couple movies from Disney Movie Club recently, and I’ll probably just wrap those up and stick them under the tree too, because why not?

Typing this all out it feels like a lot of stuff. Is it? I didn’t pay full price for any of it (okay, except the Disney movies) but staying in budget doesn’t mean it’s not a lot of gifts. Maybe it just feels like a lot because it’s everything for four kids? I DON’T KNOW. What are your kids getting?



Hurry up and wait

Thanksgiving is over and I am SO ready to decorate for Christmas! But we’re not going to decorate the apartment, because we’ll be moving out of it just a few days before Christmas. Technically our lease here isn’t up until the end of January but I’m packing things up here, not getting them out. Plus I don’t want to drag out the move, so even though we could spend Christmas here if we wanted, I’d much rather spend it in our new house. So I’ll wait.

I’m in a weird sort of waiting place with packing too. I’ve packed up almost everything that we’re not using on a daily basis, and I can’t pack the other stuff yet, because HEY! Using it on a daily basis. I did finish sorting through the kids toys today looking for stuff to get rid of. I feel like the kids have too much stuff, but they play with everything they have, so what do I get rid of? Is this just life with 4 kids? I don’t know.


There are always so, SO many things I’m thankful for. I could list 100 things and not even be close to done. But this year there’s something extra big to be thankful for.

We bought a house!


We’re moving in a few weeks.


sick baby

Lydia is sick again. Just with a cold but, she’s pretty sure it’s the worst thing ever. We’ve learned what kind of sick kid she is too. All kids have their own way of being sick, you know? Will sleeps all day. Kalena is way more likely to puke than the other kids. Daniel gets pathetic and snuggly. Lydia? is our fever baby. Apparently when she gets sick she runs a fever. And then she won’t sleep. It’s all thrashing and fussing and nothing we’ve tried so far makes it better. I’m really not a fan.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post about things I’m thankful for. Tonight I’d be thankful if this baby would go to bed.

9 months already!

Little miss Lydia is 9 months old already! Well, tomorrow. But we had her 9 month well visit today. Here are her stats:

Height:                          26 7/8 inches          25%

Weight:                         16 lbs 13 oz              20%

Head circumference:  17 3/4 inches          75%

So, she continues to be pretty teeny, although moving up! And giant head, because she is our kid you know. Developmentally she is right on target. I won’t lie, it’s kind of nice to be able to answer yes to all the “is she doing ____?” questions.

Sleep has been better. She’s still up a couple times a night, but back to bed right away instead of up for hours at a time. Take what you can get, right?

She’s still adorable too, in case you were wondering.



Thanksgiving stuff

We’re having Thanksgiving with a group of families from church this year. My sisters are hosting most of my immediate family, but they live 11 1/2 hours away soooo, that’s not happening. Anyway, I figured Thanksgiving with a group would be less stressful, right? Less cooking, less prep work, etc. And it WOULD HAVE BEEN less stressful had events gone differently!

Let me back up. I offered to bring stuffing and candied carrots and to make the turkey cookies for the kids to decorate. And then our lovely host sent out an e-mail with a few food gaps that needed filled and I offered to bring apple pie. Last Tuesday I figured I’d bake the cookies and freeze them, make the pie over the weekend and freeze it, then Thursday morning it’d be no problem to do up the stuffing and carrots. Except then I couldn’t find the cookie cutter. I figured that was okay, because I could do the cookies AND the pie over the weekend. Except then I got sick. And spent all weekend in bed. I should have made the cookies today, except I wasn’t in the mood to bake (and we all know that’s what I should be focused on right now, right? Whether or not I’m in the mood to bake?) Anyway, I didn’t. And I have appointments during the middle of the day tomorrow AND Wednesday which leaves me all AAHHHH!! When am I going to make all this stuff?!

Answer: probably tomorrow afternoon.

Of course, I could be doing it RIGHT NOW, but I’m not. Because I’m super smart. Okay, actually it’s because when I’m in the mood to bake it find it relaxing and when I’m not I just get annoyed and when I’m annoyed and baking I do things like burn stuff.