I had big plans for getting all the Christmas decorations up today, and then Lydia got up for the day at 4:30 and my motivation bottomed out. But! We did string some cranberries and marshmallows. That was a stickier activity than I remember, aaaand I forgot to put them on the tree until it was completely decorated, so WHOOPS. We also put up the tree, including a new tree topper since the angel we had kept falling off the tree last year. (Too heavy.) The big kids helped put the ornaments on, and were SUPER enthusiastic about Every! Single! Ornament! Which was fun.

And then I got out most of the other decorations, but lost steam before figuring out where everything is going to go. So our living room is a mess of boxes and decorations, and I’m not sure I have enough places that are out of the reach of grabby baby hands. 😬


For Brian. I’m grateful every day that he’s who I get to be married to.

For our kids. Four amazing little people- how’d we get so lucky?

For our house. It’s not huge or extravagant, but it’s home and I love it.

For this wonderful, ordinary, lovely life we have. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. 


Mashed potatoes are made and ready to be heated in the crock pot. Pumpkin pies are cooked. (2 pies plus a little “pie” in a non-pie dish, since Daniel broke my nice pie dish and my others are too small to hold all the filling. ANYWAY.) Turkey is currently sitting on the table, because despite letting it thaw in the refrigerator for the RECOMMENDED AMOUNT OF TIME it is still frozen. 

We’ll do stuffing (Stove Top FTW!) and green bean casserole tomorrow. Along with the turkey, obviously. Possibly some baked sweet potatoes. We’ll see how ambitious we feel tomorrow. Oh, and the whipped cream gets made right before we put it on the pie, for maximum deliciousness. 

So WOOHOO! Ready to eat all the delicious carbs tomorrow.

Daniel’s done here

My aunt took family pictures of us when she was here and they turned out really cute, despite 4 children who apparently don’t understand what “look at the camera” means. But my favorite picture was this one:  
Because Daniel just looks SO OVER IT. You can almost always get a smile out of him, but not here! That expression is priceless. I can almost hear him, “Ugh, are we DONE YET?!”

So there you go. Evidence that Daniel isn’t always happy.


Daniel had his ENT appointment today (follow up on his failed hearing screen at school.) I figured the ENT would confirm fluid in the ears and tell me Daniel needs tubes again. And that DID happen. But then he went on to say that taking out his adenoids would help with chronic fluid in his ears. Aaaaaand then he said that if he were already being put under for the adenoid surgery they might as well take his tonsils out too. (Especially since his sleep study results were, apparently, borderline. The sleep study people said his sleep was fine, but ENT said he’s on the higher end in terms of episodes of apnea per hour. I don’t know the details here.)

ANYWAY. Daniel is now scheduled to have his tonsils & adenoids removed and tubes put in. They said the surgery is about an hour long, but they’ll keep him at least overnight to monitor everything and he’ll have to meet the “intake by mouth” requirements before they’ll discharge him. SO. This should be…interesting.

Oh, we’re fortunate that Daniel doesn’t have any heart issues, otherwise they require a pre-surgery consult with a cardiologist. We may have to do a consult with anesthesia, but they weren’t sure today.

Not my favorite phase

Listen, toddlers are adorable for sure, but 18 months to about 2 1/2? Not my favorite phase. Much tantruming and inability to communicate means much frustration. Mostly on my part. For instance: Lydia still doesn’t talk at all (and mostly refuses to use signs even though I KNOW SHE KNOWS THEM) and instead expresses herself by hitting me in the face. She does it when she’s mad, which is understandable, but also when she’s happy, because she thinks it’s FUNNY. It really drives me insane. And then, of course, she gets super unhappy that I won’t just LET her hit me in the face.  

 So. Yeah. Ready for this to be done.

Slogging through

You know that feeling when the business of the day is over and you’re finally getting ready to settle in for some Netflix and downtime? (Or whatever it is you do.) And juuuuust as you’re getting settled you remember that you have something you have to do? And it can’t wait? WELCOME TO MY NIGHT. (Not blogging. That’s part of my down time. Stuff that has to get done before church tomorrow.)

This day has been exhausting. So! Many! Errands! I’m trying to make sure I have everything I need for Thanksgiving, and everything I need to get the Christmas decorations up. Last year we put up the Christmas tree and discovered we only have about 3 strands of lights that work. And you know what? 3 strands is not enough. 3 strands is what needs to go on the tree after you think there are ALREADY enough lights. Side note: how is it that you can put away Christmas lights that worked JUST FINE ALL SEASON and get them out the following year to find out they don’t turn on at all? WHAT IS THAT?!

To add to the fun, this lingering cold caused a headache today that just won’t quit. So early bedtime for me and fingers crossed for some relaxation tomorrow!


This week has been so long. Impossibly long. Maybe this is because I am still fighting this cold, so I feel like I’m dragging myself through every minute. I’m a smidge worried about next week, since 3 extra days off school usually means MUCH BICKERING. I swear all Will wants after he’s home from school is for Kalena to get home, but all they do after she’s home is fight. SO FUN.

I do have big plans to put up Christmas decorations next weekend, so hopefully that will be a fun thing for the kids to help me with. It’s possible it’ll just be crazy making though. I’m considering Black Friday shopping (for a very few, specific things) but we’ll see. I imagine Black Friday in Kansas City is much different (CRAZIER) than in Grand Junction. WE’LL SEE.


YOU GUYS. I forgot to blog yesterday. 8 years in and I ruined my streak. I remembered when I was laying in bed at 4:30 this morning after getting up with Lydia. No excuse, no reason, just totally forgot. I mean, I’ll go ahead and blame the kids. I think having 4 children has turned my brain completely to mush. I can’t remember anything without setting a reminder these days. (Which is bad, since I always used to juggle it all in my head and sometimes I still think I can do that. Spoiler: NO I CAN’T.)

In other news, I still have what appears to be the longest lasting cold ever. (Well, I guess 3 of the kids got over it quickly, so maybe not.) Daniel still has it too, runny nose and coughing in his sleep, and now Brian has it. Maybe we’ll all get over it in time for Thanksgiving next week? Let’s hope so.


I mentioned that we’re having our first Thanksgiving by ourselves this year, right? Well, I’ve been thinking about what we’re going to have. Of course we’ll be having the staples: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls, and PUMPKIN PIE. But WHAT ELSE? I’d like to do some kind of sweet potato dish, but I find many of them too sweet. We’ll probably skip the cranberry sauce since none of us eat it. Maybe green bean casserole? Maybe some kind of corn casserole? It’s already so much food with the traditional stuff, but it’s Thanksgiving! The whole point is to make a giant meal entirely of carbs and eat it every day for a week, right? Right. (I mean, plus…something about being thankful. You know.)

What are YOU having? And what are you having for the rest of the day? I can’t decide if we should do big breakfast and then Thanksgiving as a late lunch, or do appetizer lunch and then have an early dinner, or what.