A day in the life

Here’s a normal day in my life right now with 4 kids. (4 kids!) (As a testament to how busy things are these days, I started this post DAYS ago, and just now had a minute to finish it.)

4:20 am: Lydia wakes up to eat. I feed her and then work on getting her back to sleep.

5:15 am: Baby is still awake and I hear a door in the hallway. I would have thought it was Kalena, but after he’s done in the bathroom I hear Will waking Daniel up. Crap. This is early for the boys, especially Daniel. I hope Daniel will go back to sleep.

5:20 am: Baby is finally asleep again so I go back to sleep too.

7:15 am: Brian wakes me and tells me he’s leaving for work. All the kids are up (the boys did NOT go back to sleep) and they’re downstairs watching Sesame Street.

7:20 am: Lydia wakes up again. The kids seem okay momentarily so I feed her and change her before going downstairs.

7:45 am: Looks like she’s asleep again. Of course she goes to sleep immediately THIS time. I lay her back down and get myself ready for the day. Well, I throw on some yoga pants with the shirt I slept in and brush my teeth, anyway.

7:53 am: Downstairs to make some breakfast. It’s oatmeal today. We alternate between oatmeal (Kalena’s favorite) and cheesy scrambled eggs (Will’s favorite.) I mix up the oatmeal with flavored creamer instead of milk, and the kids love it.

8:05 am: Breakfast is ready so we all sit down to eat. We discuss the word “windy” (word of the day on Sesame Street) and speculate on what the weather will be like today.

8:15 am: The big kids have plowed through breakfast already so they clear their dishes and go down to the basement to play. I finish up breakfast with Daniel. He’s in an obnoxious food throwing phase so feeding him is an exercise in frustration most days. Fortunately he likes oatmeal, so not much of it ends up on the floor.

8:30 am: After finishing up, Daniel and I play in the living room. (His toys are there while the big kids’ toys are in the basement.) Right now playing mostly involves me cheering his walking efforts. He stands up, takes a step or too and then lunges at his target (usually me.) Our playtime is interrupted  repeatedly by the big kids complaining about various infractions committed by the other- “Kalena shouted at me!” “Will threw something!” as usual.


8:45 am: There’s a knock on the door and I panic that I’ve forgotten some appointment or other. I go to answer it and feel glad the house is relatively clean at the moment. But it’s just fed ex with some pictures I ordered. Whew! I hear Lydia stirring, but I leave her for the moment in the hopes that she’s not really waking up just yet. It seems luck is on my side and she’s quiet again in a few minutes.

8:54 am: Kirsta calls! We don’t talk all that often, but it FEELS like we do because she lives next to Kari and I talk to Kari a lot. We chat, our conversation punctuated by exclamations like, “Don’t put the rabbit food in the dog’s water!” and “Nononono, spit that out!” because 4 kids each means quiet moments are few and far between. We discuss life with 4 kids and the fact that things are just going to be HARD for a while. After a while I hear the baby again so we wrap up our conversation.

9:30 am: Off the phone, baby is awake and MAD, but I change Daniel and put him down for a nap first. It’s early for a nap, but since he was up at 5:15 I figure he needs it. Sounds like I’m right, he doesn’t fight it at all. Once he’s down I feed the baby and play on my phone while I do.

9:55 am: The baby is fed and happy so I play “attack turtles” with Will, something he’s been begging to do all morning. (It’s a game he made up using pieces of another Ninja Turtles game he has.) It’s a quick game and after a couple rounds I offer to read to the kids. Each of them picks a story. Horton Hears a Who for Kalena and Bartholomew and the Oobleck for Will.

10:25 am: Just as we finish the second story my phone buzzes. It’s my mom. We chat for a few minutes about what’s been going on there (Kari is there for Spring Break) and here (doctors appointments, Lydia’s pictures.)

10:40 am: Off the phone and the kids are occupied for the moment with coloring so I throw in a load of laundry. Then I change the baby and get her dressed in a clean outfit. It’s the one we brought her home from the hospital in and I feel a little wistful that this is likely the last time she’ll wear it. The kids want to take some pictures with her, so obviously I oblige.


Lydia wasn’t so happy about it though.

Will and I play a couple more rounds of attack turtles and then Kalena and Will play together while I try to get the baby to sleep.

11:30 am: Apparently sleep isn’t on Lydia’s agenda. Lunch has to happen anyway, so I let her hang out in the bouncer while I get it ready.

11:45 am: Sit down to lunch only to be interrupted by a crying baby 2 minutes later. I bounce her while I eat and she finally settles down.

11:55 am: The kids are done with their PB&J so I send Kalena to get her stuff ready for school. When I finish my lunch I put on real pants and a shirt with no spit up on it. Obviously Lydia went to sleep, we have to leave for school in 20 minutes.

12:15 pm: We have to leave, so I wake Daniel up. (He was still ZONKED.) Get everyone in the car and we’re on our way. Lydia is not happy to be in the car seat and spends the whole drive over and back screaming. She finally falls asleep as we pull in to our apartment complex.

12:35 pm: We get home, I send Will to his room for “quiet time” and feed Daniel lunch. Lydia is awake again, of course, so I hold her while I’m feeding Daniel. When Daniel is done I turn on an episode of Sesame Street so I can feed the baby without him trying to smack her face/poke her in the eyes.

1:15 pm: The baby is fed and in the swing so I change the laundry and put away clean laundry from yesterday. I’m interrupted by  Will who tells me he’s “done with quiet time.” Uh, no kid. Go back to your room. When I’m finished putting away laundry I put away clean dishes and wash the dishes from breakfast and lunch. I finish the dishes just as the baby wakes up. I give her a pacifier and hope for a few minutes to check the ads. She goes back to sleep! Woo!

2:10 pm: Daniel hasn’t taken 2 naps in ages, but he seems super tired and is fussy, so I lay him down again. He doesn’t go to sleep right away, but he also doesn’t protest at all. I get out my computer to check Lydia’s photo album from her 1 month pictures. Spend way too much time creating collages I probably won’t buy.

3:00 pm: Shut down my computer and dig through the cupboard for snacks. I normally don’t snack in the afternoon but I’m feeling snacky today. I find a couple boxes of yogurt raisins. Excellent. Will always wants a snack when we go get Kalena. I go into Will’s room and find him asleep in his closet. 4 year olds are weird. I wake him up and tell him he can have his yogurt raisins in the car. I try not to wake Lydia putting her in the carseat. That goes about like you can imagine. Next up I wake Daniel, who did go to sleep eventually and is still sound asleep.

3:14 pm: Everyone is in the car and we head over to school to pick Kalena up. Once we park Will begins his daily chorus of “Is Kalena coming out yet?” He probably asks me this 20 times every pick up.

3:35 pm: Lydia starts crying and I debate getting her out for the last five minutes we’ll be there. Settle for standing next to her carseat and repeatedly retrieving her pacifier. Kalena comes out and we head home. We check the mail when we get into the complex. The kids have made a game of guessing if we’ll have a package or not. (We’ve had a LOT of packages.)

3:55 pm: Home again. Sign a permission slip for Kalena. Help Will in the bathroom. Get the kids set up with a Signing Times DVD. Feed the baby.

4:35 pm: Get Will dressed to play outside. He prefers to stay in his pajamas as much as possible, and most of the time that’s fine by me. Start dinner. Lydia is fussy, so I use one foot to bounce her in the bouncy seat while I cook dinner.

5:50 pm: Dinner is ready, and Brian walks in just as Daniel falls off the couch. General chaos is the name of the game. We sit down to dinner together. Typically Brian feeds Daniel while I hold or bounce Lydia. By 6:20 the kids are done, but Brian and I sit and chat while we finish our dinner.

6:30 pm: I put Lydia in the swing for a minute so I can feed Daniel a bottle. (Since I documented this day we’ve actually given up bottles completely for sippy cups. Woo!) Brian gives Kalena a bath and Will plays by himself. After Daniel finishes his bottle he and Will play for a few minutes.

6:45 pm: I put away the dinner dishes while Kalena picks up Daniel’s toys in the living room. Picking up is her latest bedtime stall tactic. OBVIOUSLY I give in. I’d be stupid not to.

7:10 pm: The baby wakes up in the swing so I feed her again. Brian puts the other three kids to bed.

7:40 pm: Kids are finally in bed. Brian and I chat some more before I head to Target to pick up a couple things. I wander around Target for half an hour or so because: Target! I love Target.

8:45 pm: I get home. Brian and I hang out for the rest of the evening.

9:45 pm: I’m spent, so I shower and get ready for bed. Whew! Long day.

(I know this is long, and I’m publishing without editing because my computer is going to die. Woo!)



Will the 4 year old

Hey! Back in December Will turned 4 and I never wrote about it! Originally he wanted a cake with stars (easy! I can do that.) But then he changed his mind and decided he wanted a dinosaur volcano. I wasn’t really sure how I was going to manage that, but then someone suggested starting with a bundt cake so that’s what I did. Here’s the final product:


I DID have some of those dinosaurs just standing there, but when Will saw it he insisted they ALL be dying in the lava. So. Who am I to deny the birthday boy, right?

We just did his 4 year well visit (when we did Daniel’s 2 year well visit.) He is 38 1/2 inches tall (7%) and weighs 35 lbs (45%). Hilariously this means he’s only 4 3/4 inches taller than Daniel. The pediatrician was like, “Uh, has he always been this short?” And yes. Yes he has. We also discovered at the appointment that he had an ear infection! He seemed fine, but apparently not. When we asked if his ear hurt (because he never said anything about it) he said, “No, it just hurts on the inside!” So I’m not really sure if it ACTUALLY hurt and he just didn’t say, or if he only said that because we were asking. He’s big on giving the answer he thinks you want. For instance, if you ask where Buster Bear is and he doesn’t know, he’ll still tell you somewhere. He’ll never just say he doesn’t know.

At age four: he is still obsessed with dinosaurs. He also has recently developed a love of LEGOs and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He loves his siblings, especially Daniel. The other night when Brian was putting them to bed Daniel started crying when Brian left the room and I heard Will say, “It’s okay Daniel! It’s okay, I’m here with you!” Those moments are just my favorite. He likes to remind us that he is “still small” (his words.) Mostly when we are encouraging him to get himself dressed or other “big kid” things. He doesn’t drink milk (unless it’s in cereal) but loves yogurt. He still eats his weight in breakfast foods, with eggs and oatmeal being the big favorites. He’s quite chatty these days which is often very amusing. Just all around a fun guy.


Some quick bullet point updates

I have a list of posts I need to write, but here are some things to update before I forget.

  • A couple people asked me what a lip tie is. A lip tie is where the skin connecting the upper lip to the top gums is short, or attached lower than usual. It keeps the top lip from flanging out like it should. Lydia’s isn’t too severe, but it does mean her top lip is flush against my skin when she nurses instead of having that “fish lip” look it should have. Fixing a lip tie is more involved than fixing a tongue tie, so they don’t like to do it unless it’s causing problems. (In some cases it’s bad enough that baby’s top lip gets pulled under the gums while nursing. That is trouble.)
  • Daniel is now standing unsupported AND taking steps!! This is super exciting :)


  • School starts again for Kalena tomorrow (she’s been on spring break.) I’m not looking forward to drop off and pick up, because Lydia hates her carseat and spends most of her time in it screaming.
  • Because I wrote that Lydia’s middle of the night feedings were short, obviously I jinxed myself. Now they generally take 2 hours. I mean, the actual feeding part takes 20 minutes or so, but then she’s awake for another hour and a half. This isn’t so conducive to getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Managing at home with four has been…interesting. Having Daniel and Lydia is really like having two babies. Most days involve someone screaming at me for a good portion of the day. Also? They really can’t be in a room together. Daniel won’t leave her alone and he is not gentle. (He’s not trying to be mean. He’s just overly enthusiastic.)
  • Lydia and I have thrush. It’s awful and the stuff they prescribed on Friday does not seem to be doing anything, so I’ll likely be making a trip to the pediatrician tomorrow.
  • I got my regular clothes back out, which, YAY! No more maternity clothes! But also BOO, only about 4 things in my whole closet fit without looking terrible. So if you see me in the same 3 shirts all the time, YOU KNOW WHY.
  • I’m quoted in this article: Genuine Images of Motherhood (on page 4.) It’s from March 1st, but I kept forgetting to link to it!

That’s all for now. More soon! Hopefully!

More on Lydia

Well, I talked about Lydia’s 2 week appointment, but I didn’t talk about her 1 week appointment. I’m doing things backward. Actually, I would have written about it on the last post too, but she started crying and you know, needing stuff.

Anyway, the pediatrician’s office here has you meet with a “newborn team” for the first visit. They have a newborn nurse and a lactation consultant. I learned a couple things at this visit- first, that Lydia has a heart murmur. They missed it at the hospital, but we confirmed it a few days later with an echo at Children’s hospital. Hers is caused by a ventricular septal defect (a hole between the ventricles) which is the most common congenital heart defect. According to the pediatric cardiologist the hole is tiny and will most likely close on its own. We won’t do anything except a follow up echo when she’s a year old. (The regular pediatrician listened at her 2 week appointment and said it was really hard to hear, so it’s not surprising that it got missed initially.) I’m a little amused that Lydia has a heart murmur when Daniel didn’t. The second thing I learned is the Lydia has a lip tie. Well, I confirmed this rather than learned it. I suspected based on the way her lips look when she latches, and the lactation consultant confirmed that I was right. Fortunately it’s not causing me pain while she nurses, so it’s not anything we’ll need to do anything about.

And now a picture to reward you for reading.


(I love her hair.)


2 years and 2 weeks

Daniel turned 2 on Tuesday! I can hardly believe it. I still think of him as my baby, even though we have another baby now. Anyway, we had his 2 year well visit on Wednesday and here are his stats: he’s 33 3/4 inches tall (45%) and weighs 23 lbs 9 oz (10%). So he’s kind of a tall skinny guy, although I don’t think of him as tall since he doesn’t walk. Daniel does several signs these days including: milk, more, eat, all done, out, bath, book, water, mama, and banana. They aren’t always super clear, but he does them! He signs bath after every meal, which I love. (He definitely doesn’t get a bath after every meal although I’m sure he’d like one.) He is SO CLOSE to walking. In fact, he took a step yesterday! It was just a “let go of the ottoman, step/lunge for the couch” but still. It’s the first time he’s ever done that. His physical therapist said she’s never seen a kid be SO ready to walk and just not walking yet. He still doesn’t say any words, although he does say “ba” or “ba ba” when he signs milk (meaning bottle) and he also says “ba” when signing bath. He’s working on it, but he’s a long way from talking still.

He’s stopped biting so much (thank goodness) but he still does it sometimes when he’s really mad. Or if you try to get something out of his mouth. He continues to throw whatever food we put on his tray which is obnoxious. He used to only throw food when he was done eating, but these days he throws everything you put on there and then cries because he’s hungry. We mostly deal with this by feeding him instead of letting him feed himself. It’s probably not the best solution, but I’m not sure what else to do at the moment. He’s into everything (as most 2 year olds are) and can finally pull himself up onto the couch which is good- yay milestones, and bad- because he can reach a lot more stuff. He loves Sesame Street, a relatively new development since he used to not care about TV at all. He’s an especially big fan of Elmo. He also loves playing with Kalena and Will and gets very sad if they leave him alone. At bedtime he and Will chat at each other and play until they fall asleep. Neither of them likes to go to bed alone. Daniel loves to be read to and will bring books over and sign “book” aggressively until I read to him. We’ve mostly quit bottles, but he still gets one at bedtime and he insists that I give it to him. (He won’t take one from anyone else, but he’ll WAIL away in his crib if you try to put him to bed without one.) He’s quite curious about the baby, and wants to touch her (smack her in the face) whenever she’s in reach. He watches anyone who’s carrying her around, but he doesn’t seem jealous.

He continues to be adorable, and he very much enjoyed his birthday cake.

DSCN7455 DSCN7465


He did get his requested bath after this.

Well, on Tuesday Daniel turned 2 years old, and on Wednesday Lydia turned 2 weeks old! She had a quick weight check at the doctor and she’s up to 7 lbs 3 oz, which is just above her birthweight. Yay! Nursing is going well, (the best it’s ever gone for me) but she’s still getting a bottle (1-2 oz) most days. She likes her swing, hates her car seat, will take a pacifier, and is not a fan of having her diaper changed. She is very alert when she’s awake- reminds me of Kalena. Most nights she has a fussy couple hours where she only wants to sleep on me. Usually this means I don’t get to sleep as early as I’d like, but so far once she’s down for the night she’s down and middle of the night feedings are brief. (Obviously I’ll say this now and then she’ll be up for hours in the middle of the night tonight.) I’ve been taking advantage of having help (my MIL was here right after she was born and my mom is here now) by sleeping in until 8 or 9 every morning. I’m going to be very sad when I have to actually get up in the mornings again. And deal with kids. And make breakfast. Sad, sad day.

Anyway, she also continues to be adorable, if a little skeptical of me and all my picture taking.DSCN7466

And now I’m posting without proofreading because the baby is crying! Sorry!


This ice is delicious

When I was newly pregnant and given a due date of March 1st, one of the first things I thought was, “I won’t make it all the way to March.” Now, I feel like that was a little bit easy to assume since I’ve only made it to my due date once, but right from the beginning I figured I’d have a February baby. And right from the beginning I hoped for a baby born on Brian’s birthday, just for fun.

The Schedule ended up being all for naught as Will got sick on Sunday night with a stomach bug, causing me to cancel physical therapy for Daniel on Monday and my pre-natal visit with the pediatrician on Tuesday. Kalena also came down with an awful cold so she was home from school. We watched a lot of TV and did not much else. I started timing contractions Tuesday afternoon for a couple reasons. First, they were decidedly more intense than the ones I’d been having in the evenings and second, it was the middle of the day. Prior to that my daytime contractions were totally dependent on my activities, these were happening fairly often and fairly regularly despite all the sitting and TV watching. I started timing about 1 in the afternoon and around 3:30 I called Brian to let him know I was pretty sure this was the real thing. Not that I wanted him to come home, or even that I thought the baby would be born Tuesday, just that it was happening and he probably shouldn’t plan on going to work on Wednesday.

When Brian got home Tuesday I went upstairs to our room to continue timing contractions. At that point I was hoping this labor would be like my labor with Daniel, which started in the evening but then quit long enough for me to sleep and started up again the next morning. Around 10 pm the contractions slowed down some, to about 6 minutes apart (although the pattern was never very regular) and I tried to go to sleep around 11. Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep through them, and they were more intense even though they weren’t as close together. Around midnight I gave up on sleep and woke Brian up. I told him there was no way I was going to make it until morning before needing to go to the hospital so we might as well call someone now. So he called my friend (who had specifically offered to come sleep on our couch if we needed someone) and she came over. Brian had, fortunately, thought to alert the kids to the fact that we might not be there when they woke up. I had Brian take this picture while we were waiting to go, at which point he accused me of not being in real labor.


I assured him I was.

We got to the hospital a little after 1 am, got put in a triage room, the nurse checked me and said I was at about 5 cm. So I told her I wanted an epidural. Being tired makes it much harder for me to handle pain (this was very much true during Will’s labor also) and at this point, knowing 12 hours of contractions only put me at 5 cm dilated, I figured why wait? Of course, I DID have to wait, because I’m sure you’re aware, you can’t have an epidural without an IV placed! This was around 2 am, and somewhere in there I met the on-call doc for my practice. I remember feeling disappointed that my doctor wouldn’t be delivering, but mostly caring about when I could get some pain relief. I warned the nurses (AS I ALWAYS DO) that people have a hard time getting an IV in me but they ignored me (AS THEY ALWAYS DO) and the first nurse tried: nada. So a second nurse tried: nope. (Also, both of them dug around in my arm with the needle which I HATE and specifically asked them not to do.) At that point they agreed to just take me to the labor and delivery room and let the anesthesiologist place the IV when he came in. (The anesthesiologist also had to place my IV with Will AND with Daniel.) So off to an actual labor room, and happily, a quick arrival of the anesthesiologist. (One of the benefits they mentioned when we toured L&D is that anesthesiologists are at the hospital 24 hours a day. Definitely glad for that at 2 in the morning.) Finally got an IV placed, roughly 50 minutes after the nurses first started trying. He went ahead and did the epidural then, even though technically they want to get a bag of fluid through the IV first.

Epidural placed, it’s 3 am, and the nurse and I get to start a fun little game that goes like this: My blood pressure drops really low. Baby doesn’t like that. Put me on oxygen. But my heart rate is through the roof (140s-150s) so the anesthesiologist doesn’t want the nurse to give me ephedrine (which is what they’d normally give to get blood pressure up) so they hunt down something else and give me that. Blood pressure comes back up, baby looks good again, take me off oxygen. Then maybe 10 or 15 minutes later this happens again. Blood pressure drops, baby doesn’t like it, put me on oxygen, heart rate is still high so give me some more of the non-ephedrine stuff. Blood pressure back up, baby looks good, back off oxygen. Y’all I think we went round and round like that for about TWO HOURS. My blood pressure cuff was set to check every 3 minutes this whole time because it just KEPT HAPPENING. Every time my blood pressure dropped I got nauseated too which was fun. Finally my heart rate came down and the nurse switched to ephedrine which seemed to work better. We also repositioned me to to my left side which seemed to help with how the baby was doing. Brian, fortunately, got to sleep through most of that circus. (It was never serious, just a lot of adjusting and checking on things and medicating.) The nurse was great though, and we chatted for a lot of that time.

Anyway, blood pressure finally seems stable around 5 am so I got to nap. Then a little after 6 the nurse came to adjust the monitor, because it wasn’t picking up baby’s heart rate, and checked me. At that point I was at about 8 cm. I was a little disappointed to not be complete, because it meant my lovely nurse wouldn’t be there for the actual delivery since shift change was at 7. However! After the shift change they called my actual doctor and he came over and broke my water around 7:45 am. We laughed because I’d told him at my last regular appointment that I was hoping not to make it to my next one and it was scheduled for 1:45 that afternoon. I joked that I needed to make sure and call his office to cancel. He told me he was pretty sure he could remember to take care of that.

After he broke my water he guessed baby would be there within the hour. An hour later at 8:45 am we were still waiting. But by a few minutes after 9 the nurse checked me and said it was time to call the doctor! Conveniently, his practice is located IN the hospital building so it was just a matter of his walking over. There was a little meconium when my OB broke my water, not enough that he was really concerned, but they did bring in a NICU team for the actual delivery as a result. So while we were waiting on my OB the NICU nurse started explaining why they were there and possible complications from meconium. (Obviously we’re familiar since Kalena aspirated.) While we were waiting I started to feel a lot of pressure (new for me, since my epidurals with Will and Daniel were both VERY heavy. Like, I couldn’t move my legs, let alone feel any pressure.) so the nurse ended up calling my OB again to make sure he was on his way. He was, and made it into the room just a few minutes later, which was kind of anticlimactic actually since then we had to wait on a contraction before I could push. (During the wait everyone guessed boy or girl: the OB and the nurse guessed boy, Brian said girl, as he has all along.) But! One contraction was all it took! I pushed maybe 5 times and the OB held her up so we could see and announced that we had a girl!


(This, by the way, is the next photo on my camera after the one where I’m “not in labor”)

At 7 lbs 1 oz and 18 inches long, she is the smallest of our babies, but she came with a full head of hair just like the rest of them :) The NICU team checked her out and everyone oohed and aahed over her hair and they declared her perfect, which she clearly is.





P.S. That title is for Erin. I texted that in one of my labor update texts because you know what? Hospital ice IS delicious. And my mouth was super dry during labor so that made it even better.

The schedule

Since I’m at the point where this baby actually could come ANY TIME I figure I might as well continue to be in denial and make a bunch of plans. Seems logical, yes? (Okay, it’s mostly doctors appointments, but whatever.) Here’s a run-down of my next few days. (I know you’re super excited to hear it.)

Book club last night. Technically not upcoming. But! People were skeptical at January’s meeting that I would make it to February’s but I DID. So I’m including it anyway. We read The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. I liked it.

This afternoon I have my pre-registration appointment at the hospital. I looked up the pre-registration stuff online and discovered that HA! I was supposed to call between 30 and 32 weeks to set up an appointment. Obviously that couldn’t have happened since I didn’t even live in this state yet. In fact, by the time I had an OB, knew where I’d be delivering, and knew that I needed to pre-register I was 36 weeks along.  Anyway, I called and discovered they’re booked! Until March 10th! Which wasn’t going to help much. So the lady making the appointments put me on the top of the “call if there’s a cancellation” list and lucky me! She called yesterday with a cancellation for this afternoon.

Tonight we’re going to a seminar put on by the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City. It’s on feeding, speech, sensory needs, and oral placement activities for kids who are non-verbal or pre-verbal. We’re right there with Daniel, working on sounds and signs but not saying any words yet. I’m very interested to hear what they have to say! Hopefully lots of stuff we can use.

Tomorrow morning we’re planning to tour the maternity ward at the hospital. I could theoretically do this today at my appointment, but Brian wants to know where we need to be going too. Especially since I may not be much help by the time we go in. They have open tours on Saturday mornings, so that’s the plan.

Monday morning Daniel has physical therapy. Scheduled for early in the week so hopefully it will happen :) He loves his therapist.

Tuesday afternoon I have a “prenatal visit” with our new pediatrician. (We have a pediatrician!) I think it’s mostly just meeting him? Anyway, that’s on the agenda.

And Wednesday afternoon I have my 39 week appointment scheduled with my OB. At which point I’ll actually be like 39 1/2 weeks along.

So there you have it. For someone who is perfectly happy to not leave the house for weeks at a time (ME) that is a LOT going on.

Nearing the end

I’m officially more pregnant today than when I delivered Daniel. Of course, I’m still 2 1/2 weeks from being as pregnant as I was with Kalena. I refuse to believe I’ll ever be that pregnant again. (She was 8 days late, in case you’re thinking I want this baby super early.)

I’ve gained about 36 lbs (although, I ate most of a pan of brownies today, so that number may jump right up.) Amazingly, I am still wearing my wedding ring. I’m guessing the cold weather helps. My fingers get really swollen when it’s hot out. I had my 36 week appointment on the 4th and was “maybe a smidge” dilated. I wouldn’t have even had a check except he was already doing the group B strep swab (negative!) I have my 38 week appointment tomorrow (I’ll be 38 weeks 4 days) and I’m kiiiinda hoping it’s my last one. Obviously I have very little control over that. That doesn’t stop me from acting like I do! Brian and I keep talking about which day would be best in terms of his work schedule and then acting like it’s all set. I have contractions every night, but nothing serious. My physical abilities are pretty pathetic these days. For instance, I spent about an hour yesterday standing to fold and put away clean laundry and today my hips hurt so much I’m hobbling around like an old lady. Fun times! Pretty sure these means I just need to sit on the couch until the baby gets here.

I’m feeling a little more prepared in terms of actual baby stuff. We now own a car seat, a box of newborn diapers, a working camera, and a new set of Aden + Anias swaddle blankets (we loaned our last set to my sister and her toddler took them over, so she sent us new ones.) The box of baby clothes from my sisters arrived, and I bought some cheap little storage drawers to keep baby stuff in. However, I still haven’t pre-registered at the hospital (didn’t even think about that until like last week) AND we don’t have a pediatrician. I have a recommendation but I was putting it off thinking, “Oh, we don’t need a ped right away!” Except yes we do. Because brand new babies see a pediatrician RIGHT AWAY. Good work Elsha.

Anyway. Pictures. I missed 36 weeks, so here I am at 37 and 38 weeks.

37 weeksDSCN7367


Realized when I uploaded these that I’m facing the opposite way from all the rest of my pictures. Which is gonna REALLY annoy me when I go to put them in scrapbooks.

Some good things

I’ve been doing an awful lot of complaining here lately, and let’s not lie, I COULD DO MORE. But instead, at least for today, I’ll tell you some things that are good right now.

  • Daniel now signs “book” and it is SUPER adorable. He has his favorites (Little Blue Truck, and Jamberry currently) and he will dig them out of our giant pile of board books and laugh hysterically while he drags one over for me to read. Then, after we’ve read it once, he’ll sign “more book” and put it back in my hands to read again. This gets significantly less adorable after about the 5th reading, but still. I love it.
  • Our king size bed. YOU GUYS. I’d forgotten how much I love this bed. And I sleep MUCH better. It’s so great.
  • Kalena’s school is wonderful (despite how much I hate the afternoon kindergarten schedule.) They send regular e-mail updates and even have an e-mail form to send for late arrival/early pick up/absences. I filled one out when the car wouldn’t start and Kalena missed school and I heard back within minutes.
  • Our key hanger thing. Living at my parents’ we got used to hanging our keys on the key rack as soon as we walked in. And you know what? That’s a great habit to be in. Always know where your keys are. So we bought ourselves one our first week here and I’m glad EVERY DAY that I don’t have to go hunting for my keys.
  • We met Daniel’s new therapist today and she seems GREAT. I was really worried about this because I loved his therapists in Colorado so much.
  • We’ve set up a playroom for the kids in the basement (technically storage/laundry area) and they’ve gotten SO MUCH BETTER about cleaning up with this arrangement. I can send them down to clean up and THEY DO. I continue to be amazed every time this happens.
  • For Christmas in 2012 Brian got me this thought a day journal. You write a line a day, every day, over a year and then start over at the beginning. (It’s a 5 year journal.) Well I managed to write every day last year and now I’m on year 2! It’s really been fun to read last year’s thought each day.

I’m sure there are more but that’s all I’ve got for now. What’s good in your life these days?