Friday morning the plan was to hike up to Waimea Falls and go swimming. Unfortunately, due to low water levels they weren’t allowing swimming and the falls wasn’t so much a waterfall as just a pool of water. There was lots of pretty scenery on the way up though. Here’s a picture of the brochure and what the falls should look like:

And here’s what we saw:

Here’s some scenery:

Patrick fell face first onto the asphalt. (Just from a sitting position, don’t worry.) He seems pretty mad about it.

My sister Kari and her husband Jonathan.

My brother Eric and his wife Amy. I’m not sure where their baby was at this point.

My parents with Kalena.

Some more cool looking plants.

The rooster hanging out on the trail.

After not swimming at the falls we went down to Waimea beach and hung out for awhile.

Patrick thought sand was quite the excellent snack. Mmmmmmm.

The rest of us didn’t think sand would be so great on our teeth so we went to Matsumoto’s for some delicious shave ice. (Why it’s “shave ice” and not “shaved ice” I don’t know.)

It’s quite the popular place.

And there’s day 2!


2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. If you don’t understand what shave ice is, it is basically a sweet treat made from ice that is shaved by blades to a fine powder (thus “shave ice” – not “shaved ice),

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