It’s that time of year…

Football season! I am a football fan. I like it all, professional, college, watching on tv, and going to games. I don’t know exactly how this came about. My parents started taking us to BYU games when we were pretty young, but I didn’t care all that much at the time. I only went to the big games in high school, unlike many of my classmates who attended every game. I started watching more football in college, although I didn’t go to a single Mines football game in 4 years. Even though I had friends on the team. And the games were free. (What kind of football team is so bad they don’t charge to get into the game? Even my high school football games cost $5.) Anyway, I think it started as a Saturday morning thing, I would watch college football because nothing else was on. Somehow that has evolved into watching as many NFL games as possible and following several college football teams.

Football is the only sport we watch around here. Neither of us like basketball, and baseball on tv? BORING. (Although I do enjoy going to baseball games.) So football it is. And Brian is always nice enough to explain any rules or penalties I don’t understand, so the more we watch, the more I know what’s going on. These days I know more about football than I ever thought I’d care to know. For any of you football fans here in Midland, come on over, the game is always on, and there is nothing like watching football in 65 inches of HD beauty. Ahhhhh.

P.S. In case you didn’t notice, I posted a link to the Dallas Cowboys schedule over there on the side. Because everybody needs that info.


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