Wherein I blatantly steal blog ideas

Before you read this, go read this post at Kirsta’s. I’ll wait.

Back? Ok. As I was reading this I thought- hmmmm. It’s never seemed to me like I have to know that many numbers. So I wondered how many I actually know.

Here’s the list I came up with:

Brian’s cell phone
My cell phone
My work cell phone
My work office phone (people do not call me nearly often enough to warrant my having 3 phone numbers, but such is life I guess.)
Our address
My parents’ address
My office building’s address
My parents’ house phone
My dad’s office phone
Kari’s cell phone
My social security number
Birthdays (month day and year) for all my immediate family
My driver id number for my work truck
My debit card number
4 different random letter/number combination passwords with no meaning associated to them
Pi to 5 decimal places
The number of elements in the periodic table. HA HA, just kidding.

This isn’t a complete list, I’m sure I could come up many many more (including how many letters are in the alphabet– it’s 26 if you’re still wondering Kirsta.)

There are a few I should have memorized but don’t:

Any of our license plate numbers
The number of elements in the periodic table. HA HA, just kidding again. (Come on people, I’m not that nerdy.)

As I was thinking up all the numbers I have memorized, I came up with several that I know but won’t ever need again. Despite not having used them, in some cases for YEARS, these numbers stick in my head anyway. Here are some of those:

The Colorado license plate we had on the Camry
My cell phone number from when I lived in Denver
The old phone number of a guy I dated in high school. His family even moved while we were dating and got a new phone number but the one I still know is the OLD one. It’s probably been close to 10 years since I’ve needed that.
Birthdays for people I haven’t talked to in years.
My address from when I lived at the 4400 apartments
The combination for a lock I’m not sure I have anymore
The number of miles on a truck I drove in high school. Not the exact number, but still– WHY DO I KNOW THIS?

So I have a bunch of numbers memorized, but I don’t feel like it’s that many. Why do you suppose this is? I have a theory. When I was in college I had LOTS of stuff I had to have memorized– numbers, equations, rules about how molecules bond. It was crazy. Now that I’m out of college, I don’t have to remember that stuff (and trust me, I don’t) so what I have memorized now is a relatively small amount of stuff. So Kirsta, just become an engineer, and by the time you’re done it won’t seem like you need to know so many numbers!

And now here’s a couple of pictures for those of you who stuck around to read all this.

5 thoughts on “Wherein I blatantly steal blog ideas

  1. Oh, Kirsta, Kirsta, Kirsta. It’s 6-point-0-2 times 10 to the 23rd. And Eric, I actually did consider adding that to the list, but decided not to in the end.

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