Away from home

On Monday I had to go to Dallas so I could be there for some work training Tuesday morning. Since I had to be there overnight, I got to sleep the whole night through! (Don’t worry, I took some Benadryl so I wouldn’t wake up a million times thinking I needed to tend to the baby.) It was SO nice. I haven’t slept all night since I got pregnant, which means it’s been over a year!

I also got to visit Mardi and Chris and meet Eli who is even cuter in person than he is in pictures. I’m lucky they live there, because Chris was the only reason I found my hotel and their house. I had directions to both from Google Maps, but neither of them got me to the right place. Fortunately Chris was patient enough to give me turn by turn directions on the phone. He probably just thinks I’m really bad at following directions, but his directions for the way back to my hotel from their house got me there just fine, without even missing a turn, so I blame Google Maps. I’m running out of places to get directions from though since I’ve already sworn off Mapquest, and I don’t think I’ll be using Google Maps again after this. Maybe from now on I’ll just have to print up actual maps and write my own directions. That seems like it would work better.

Anyway, it was fun to visit with them! Mardi made this lovely stichery and these adorable booties for Kalena and was nice enough to give me the patterns to both of them. So now we’ll have to see if I can be as crafty as she is. (We’ll also see if I can figure out how to use my sewing machine. Which is currently in its unopened box…)

4 thoughts on “Away from home

  1. I hear you with the online directions. I was (almost) late to Kari’s wedding because stupid Mapquest told me the wrong direction to turn on a road. It wanted me to go East for like 10 miles when really I needed to be West 10 miles (or right vs left, I forget) so I drove back and forth and back and forth from the starting point and just got furious. I finally got things worked out when I asked myself, “What if they printed the wrong direction?” and went the other way. GEES. That’s why I always have an atlas with me in the car, too. Just in case the online directions place is STUPID.

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