I haven’t posted any pictures of the little one in a couple weeks and I know that’s the real reason you all read this blog, so here you go.

Smiley happy girl.

Not a great picture, but an excellent example of her bed-head. She gets that from Brian, believe it or not.

More of the bed-head.

All that riding around in a stroller is hard work. Also, that blanket looks like it’s doing a super job keeping her warm, doesn’t it?

From on top to underneath quicker than I want to think about. She’ll be into everything WAY too soon.

If you’re interested, here’s a quick update of what she’s doing these days. She rolls all over the place, worms her way forward on her belly, manages a combination push/crawl backward, and she is still working hard trying to sit up on her own. She is still not sure what she thinks about rice cereal, but she loves sweet potatoes and carrots. Now, in addition to imitating us when we laugh, she laughs unprompted when we tickle her. And today, for the first time, when I went to get her out of her Exersaucer she lifted her arms to me so I would pick her up. She is ADORABLE. (Ok, maybe I’m a little biased.)

3 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. I love the bottom pic with her huge smile. She’s getting into my favorite stage. It’s a long stage – Libby is still in it. I had a friend who told me every stage gets better and better. I thought she was smokin’ something but for the most part it’s been true (some of this age two thing I could live without).

  2. You’re not biased. You’re RIGHT. She’s breakin’ my heart as we speak! Kalena! Wait for me! I’ll see you at Thanksgiving!!!I am inclined to think, though, at some point those stages start to get worse and worse, like… 13-17 years old. But let’s not think on that.

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