I think babies in costume are adorable. But since I wasn’t even sure we would be doing anything on Halloween, I didn’t really want to buy a costume for Kalena. I thought about it (because they’re just SO cute) and in the end I decided just to make her one. It’s not great because a) I’m not a great seamstress, b) this is only the second thing I’ve sewn in YEARS, and c) combine a with b and you get VERY amateur stuff. Also, since Kalena doesn’t have very many sleepers that fit her, I didn’t want to permanently turn one of them into a costume, so everything is just pinned to the sleeper. Ghetto, I know. I used pink and purple material from old t-shirts for the hat, spikes, and tail. (Hence the not-quite-matched shades of pink.)

She managed to look cute and stay awake for the whole time we were at trunk-or-treat (an hour and a half past her normal bedtime) and then made it two whole blocks in the car before she fell asleep. Maybe next year she’ll get a costume AND some candy. Maybe we’ll eat all her candy for her again. You just never know.

5 thoughts on “Kalenasaurus

  1. I think the costume looks great! And Kalena looks darling, as usualy. We buy our costumes after halloween for next year and hope we guess the right size. That way they are like 50% off, or more. Love the daily posts.

  2. cute costume! I remember the year I put my old music theatre dino constume into play and at the elementary school parade I heard someone in the crowd say, “I have no idea what she is.” Scarred for life. Kalena looks adorable though.

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