This is a little late…

About a million years ago when Brian was redoing our ceilings I promised pictures. And then I had a baby and never posted them. (I know, excuses excuses.) Better late than never right? Here’s some pictures of the kitchen and dining room all covered in plastic:

For anyone who’s thinking about doing this, here’s photographic evidence of the gigantic mess it makes:

(And that’s just the mess from taking down the popcorn, not from putting on new texture.)

Here’s Brian after putting on the texture:

And here’s a picture of one room that’s done and one room that isn’t so you can see the difference. Arrow A is the beautiful redone ceiling, arrow B is the ugly popcorn ceiling. You can’t really tell from the picture but the walls in the two rooms are different colors as well.

Brian worked really hard with the scraping and texturing and drywall repair and painting. I worked really hard not to breath in any paint fumes. Ok, I didn’t work all that hard.

If you want to do this at your house you can ask Brian to help you. He’ll tell you no, but you can still ask.

3 thoughts on “This is a little late…

  1. What is it with Texas and popcorn ceilings? Even our newer house has popcorn ceilings. All over the country people are scraping them down and putting up new stuff and here they keep on using it.

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