One more thing

One more thing about the e-mail incident and then I’ll stop talking about it. I promise.

As I was cleaning out my outlook inbox today I came across an e-mail from a couple of weeks ago about a change in the company’s e-mail security. Apparently, internal distribution lists were being used by unaffiliated people to send junk mail and such to employees. (Or “unwanted and disruptive e-mail” as they put it.) So as of November 12th, e-mail addressed to an internal distribution list would not be accepted from outside parties. Apparently they didn’t think employees would cause any problems with these distribution lists. I’m pretty sure November 13th disabused them of that notion.

Anyway, it’s Friday and I’m all distracted by some show Brian is watching on Animal Planet so that’s all you’re getting for today. Anybody have anything for me to write about tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “One more thing

  1. You can make a top 10 list of events in 2008. Or things you’re thankful for this holiday season. Or how excited you are to come see us (and post lots of pics of me!!) Or think really hard and write what you’ve done on Thanksgiving for the past 10 years 🙂

  2. Thanksgivings past, like that Friends episode? I don’t think any of us have had Thanksgivings THAT worthy of remembering! …except for the year that you guys came up to Fort Collins and forgot to buy a Turkey. That was pretty fun eating game hens!I think you should write about fuzzy memories, like how you used to like riding in the car with your head out the window, until one time your head knocked off a dogs head. But for real, there are 15 days left in November, so here are 15 ideas: tell us about where you live (likes and dislikes), more stories about your dogs, future plans for your house (any more renovations?), go to a movie and give us reviews (Twilight doesn’t count), indulge us in more info on your celebrity crush, cook your favorite meal and take a picture, then give us the recipe, post a video of Kalena doing something new and/or fun, give a really good rant on something that just “frosts your cookies” (as dad would say), work on your hawaii scrapbook and post pictures of your favorite pages (or any pages you manage to get done in the next 15 days), tell a little-known story about yourself that would surprise even me, descibe a really weird dream you have and INTERPRET it for us, make a playlist of 5 or 10 songs and tell us why they’re on there, write a public thank-you note to someone (you don’t have to name names, just say “you know who you are”), write a poem, and (like Kari said) write what you’re Thankful for! There, I think that’s 15. And then one (or more)gratuitous post(s) of photos and stories from our AWESOME Thanksgiving together in only 1 1/2 weeks!!!! *you’re welcome*

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