2 years ago

Because Kirsta loves me so much, and reading my blog is the highlight of her day*, she left me lots of good post ideas in the comment section of the last post. One of her ideas was scanning scrapbook pages and posting them here. Well, I’m almost finished with my honeymoon scrapbook, but the pages are 12X12 so they’re too big for me to scan, but I’ll post some pictures.

We actually went on our honeymoon over Thanksgiving in 2006, 5 months after we got married. We went to Tahiti, specifically the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora. It was the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever been on. Everything was fabulous. I wish I had taken pictures of the food, because it was AMAZING, but who thinks to take pictures of food? Next time.

Anyway, here are the bungalows we stayed in on Moorea. They each have two decks, one with lounge chairs and a lower deck with a fresh water shower and a ladder right into the water. We could just get in our snorkel gear and go snorkeling right from our room.

Here is a view from the bed to the outside. You can see the lounge chairs on the upper deck, and the square you see in the floor is actually a glass panel so you can see straight into the ocean. We saw a shark swim under it the first night we were there.

This is Brian snorkeling in the crystal clear water right off our deck.

Here I am, showing off the black pearl necklace we bought on the island.

This is us on the balcony off our room in Bora Bora. I believe this picture was actually taken on Thanksgiving (which of course they don’t celebrate there, seeing as it’s an American holiday). They were having a special show at the restaurant that night along with a special menu– we got to have duck for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious. (Actually, everything we ate there was delicious. I gained like 10 pounds during the week we were there.)

And last but not least, a picture of the famous Noni fruit. We didn’t try any of the juice though.

If you ever get a chance to go to Tahiti, I highly recommend it.

*She didn’t actually SAY that reading my blog is the highlight of her day; I’m just guessing.

5 thoughts on “2 years ago

  1. Wow! That is beautiful. I love the bugalow. We also went on our honeymoon about six months after we got married. I highly recommend it. We went on a cruise and had a blast.

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