What is it with me and the rambling?

I asked Brian what I should blog about. Not sure what I was thinking there, since he’s posted on here a whooping two times. He just argued with me about that by the way– he was sure he’d only posted on here once. When I assured him that there are, in fact, two posts on here written by him, he informed me that they must be the best two posts on here. Apparently, not only does he not write on this blog, he doesn’t read it either, otherwise he’d KNOW my posts are better.

Anyway, he had no good ideas for me (SHOCKING, I know) so y’all just get LAME blog post about nothing today. As usual, there are other posts half written, although I feel like I say that so often that you guys are going to stop believing me.

Totally unrelated (although, really, what was going on in this post anyway?) watching The Office is not particularly conducive to blogging. It does make me wish my office was more like their office though. It is also making me want grape soda. Listen, I’m going to stop all this rambling before it gets too out of hand, so why don’t y’all just stop by again tomorrow for something a little more coherent.

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