What to say…

So….want to hear stories about the disgusting stuff that’s been on my carpet recently? No? I thought not. I guess you’ll just have to settle for a couple pictures of Kalena until I come up with something to write about.

She’s started pulling herself up on the coffee table, and apparently she thinks it’s delicious. Also, as you can see from these pictures, our smiley happy girl is back. (Mostly.)

8 thoughts on “What to say…

  1. aha! I just accused someone else of being Midland. That one really confused me because of the whole Texas thing and I don’t really know anyone there! Yay and welcome! haha And I read blogs during my lunch break (cough cough) too…. OBVIOUSLY.

  2. Yes! We actually debated spelling it that way. We also debated spelling it with two e’s instead of one, but since we already have the double o and the double a in the last name we thought adding a double e in the first name would just be cruel.

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