New for the new year

New year, new blog look. Also, new computer. Well, it’s new to me anyway, so I’m still working on getting all my pictures and such over here. Don’t be surprised if I’m posting Christmas pictures in the middle of this month.

I thought about posting new year’s resolutions, but most of the ones I have are a little vague and hard to measure progress on. BUT! I do have one concrete goal for the year that I’m sure you’re all DYING to hear. This year, I am going to finish some projects! Those of you who know me know that I have a tendency to procrastinate. Alright, I’m HORRIBLE about it. As a result I get started on projects that then don’t get finished for, um, pretty much forever. So for 2009 I have 4 projects that are started and I WILL finish.

1.) Our honeymoon scrapbook. This one is mostly done, but Thanksgiving will be 3 years since we went so it really should be finished.
2.) A memory quilt (I guess that’s what it is?) that I started making with my grandma out of my sorority stuff from college. The front is done, so I need to back it and bind it. I’ll probably need to have someone to show me how to do a binding since the last time I did one was like 10 years ago.
3.) A cross stitch piece for Kalena’s room. (One of the ones where you fill in the name and birth date and such.) I actually quit working on this one because I broke my only cross stitch needle. But I got new needles months ago…
4.) Last, but not least, Kalena’s baby book. I’m not sure I can fill all of it in this year (I think there may be spots for 2nd birthday stuff) but I’ll do as much as I can.

What about you? Any projects for the new year?

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