Before you laugh at me…

Some of you might have noticed that I put my reading list back up. (Keeping track of the books I read while I’m 26.) Now, before you make fun of me before reading the entire Twilight series (AGAIN) let me say this in my own defense– they make great car reading.

Over Christmas break, we spent more than 30 hours driving to and from different people’s houses. I drove some of the time, but for the most part I sat in the back seat with Kalena. Sometimes she needed entertaining, and sometimes she needed fed, but mostly she slept. Trying to keep up a conversation between the front and back seat while simultaneously trying not to wake a sleeping baby doesn’t really work, so I read. Reading in the car doesn’t make me carsick, but it needs to be light reading so the Twilight series was perfect. It did keep me from doing any other reading, but hey, it was vacation!

Maybe in 2009 I’ll read something a little more intellectual hmmm?

3 thoughts on “Before you laugh at me…

  1. I won’t laugh at you. After writing my (bad) review of the Twilight movie, (and the angry remarks that followed) (and the shunning of my blog by my sister) I will never badmouth Twilight (on a blog) again. LOL

  2. I’ve only read the first but I was afraid I wouldn’t like the second- she’s kind of a brat! But I promised a friend on facebook I would get it out and dust off the cover….and I haven’t seen the movie yet. But I will!

  3. I am reading the series again. I am one who NEVER reads novels twice. I don’t like to watch movies twice, either. Twilight is my exception in the novel rule. I just love the books that much!

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