Christmas: Before and After

Here’s the tree and all the presents Christmas morning. Yes, it’s dark outside. We do Christmas at like 6 am. I’m not sure we’ve ever opened presents after sunrise.

This is what it looks like when you put presents for 15 people under the same tree. Christmas at my parents’ house included: my grandma Gustavson who lives with my parents, my parents, their 5 kids, 4 of the spouses, and the 3 grand kids.

Another view of the loot.

Now, here’s a picture and an explanation for reference. In front of the fire place there’s a lower level of the living room. It’s not very big, maybe 5 feet long by 3 feet wide (guessing here– could be way off) and has one step down into it. We’ve always just called it “the pit.” This picture is my dad sitting in the pit playing with Espen (who is on the step) and Kalena. Anyway, I’m putting this in here so these next pictures make sense.

Here is what the pit looks like after Christmas morning happens. All the wrapping paper and boxes and such go in there and then burnable stuff gets burned. Less to throw away after that.

Kari and Jonathan sleeping next to the wreckage.

Don’t they look adorable sleeping there together? Awwww. They can only do that because they have no kids. YET. That’s gonna change come August! Then they’ll find out that they’ll never be able to sleep at the same time ever again. Ha ha!

Here’s some pictures of the tree looking a little sad with no presents under it anymore.

Kari put Kalena in the pit to swim around in all that paper. She says, “Jeez you guys sure made a mess.”

“Uh, guys? I think I’m sinking…”

There you have it. Christmas morning at my parents.

5 thoughts on “Christmas: Before and After

  1. I agree with Ally. And don’t you wish you could go back and enjoy the childless days a little more. I never regret having my kids but I do miss moments like that every once in awhile.

  2. Weird to have to explain what the pit is… c’mon! It’s the pit! Don’t you know? The PIT? Seriously. But I guess not everyone is so lucky to have a built-in christmas paper disposal sink-hole, huh?

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