I was going to write a blog last night, but then I downloaded a program called Inkscape and got all caught up messing around with it. I was also going to load some pictures from my camera to my computer but let me explain to you how technology works in our house.

Brian has a computer. Said computer works beautifully all the time even though he downloads loads of internet games, programming stuff, and music. Something happens enabling Brian to get a new computer even though the old one still works great.

Elsha acquires hand me down computer from Brian. Suddenly, this computer starts having all kinds of problems. Internet doesn’t work, computer won’t read my camera card, I get the Blue Screen of Death, and so on. This all happens despite the fact that I pretty much only use the computer for internet surfing and playing spider solitaire. If I get an error, all I have to do is hand the computer over to Brian and it’s magically better.

This also happens with Brian’s iPhone, our TV, the BluRay player, and pretty much any other technology we have in our house. I don’t know what the deal is, he just has a touch. That’s how we can tell when something is really REALLY broken– if Brian can’t fix it.

Anyway, my point was my computer isn’t reading my camera card right now so I may or may not be posting some pictures later. I’ll see if Brian’s not too busy to fix it;) Good thing he’s a computer science major I guess.

3 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. Computers aren’t a science, they are either a Fun Pastime or Loads of Misery and Destruction. Computer Science majors are simply the people who think that fixing the second (Destruction) is the first (a fun pastime). He’s just ALL messed up.

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