This one’s for Kari…

…who doesn’t think my blog is worth reading unless I post pictures of Kalena.

She would like to pick out toys for herself thankyouverymuch.

Everything goes in the mouth. She pulled herself up on my pants and then tried to eat the drawstring.

Cowboy’s fan already. Even though they fell apart this season.

5 thoughts on “This one’s for Kari…

  1. How are we both dedicating our blogs to our sister, who has her own blog and her own pictures of OUR babies? This is silly.Is that a keyboard I see propping up the toybox lid? Good thing for obsolete technology, eh? Otherwise missy could lose a finger! I was carrying Patrick the other day while I was post-shower and he just tilted his head while he was sitting on my hip and started nursing! Sitting straight up. You think you’ve got problems with her eating your drawstring, you are sadly mistaken. It could be MUCH weirder.

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