Lost and Found

Hey, remember this post? I found one of the missing things! As always, my mom was right. I found it by cleaning. Actually, here’s the story. A couple weeks after we got back from Hawaii I realized one of Kalena’s blankets was missing. Obviously she has lots of blankets, but this one was pale green and really soft and had Winne the Pooh on it so I was sad it was missing. I knew we had it with us in Hawaii, so I was hoping we hadn’t left it there.

By about December I gave it up as a lost cause. I knew it wasn’t in the laundry or her room or the car, so I was pretty much out of ideas. At this point I hadn’t seen it in 5 months. Then last week I was cleaning some stuff out of our closet including the garment bag Brian had taken to Hawaii. All it had in it was a couple empty hangers, but I figured I’d check the pockets before I put it away. And what do you know?! There was the blanket, along with a pair of shorts I’d been missing.

Brian always takes his garment bag as his carry on so we must have just stuffed it in the pocket when it wouldn’t fit in her diaper bag. (The shorts were in there because I changed into pants at the airport.) So now you know, clean when you can’t find something. And don’t wait 6 months to unpack your luggage.


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