Moving on up

When Kalena was born we got a card that said, “Forget baby proofing” on the front and on the inside it said, “It’s too late, one already got in!” That’s pretty much how I feel these days. A few weeks ago, Kalena realized that she could crawl out of the living room and into the other rooms. (Before, the tile floor at the edges of the room were like some sort of barrier.) Since then she’s been on the move and into everything. Well, everything she wasn’t already into. She likes to chase the dogs; she is fascinated by the dog door; she wants to pull books off the bookcase and get into the kitchen cabinets. She pulls down the dishtowels hanging on the oven door and not too long ago Brian caught her with two fistfuls of dog food.

We keep talking about how we ought to buy baby gates, but instead of doing it we just push the ottoman in front of one of the doorways. I think that’s going to have to change though. Because last week? She discovered the stairs. She can only make it up one right now, but it’s just a matter of time. Since we all prefer she not fall down said stairs and crack her head on the tile, I think baby gates are in order.

Ah stairs. Good times.

7 thoughts on “Moving on up

  1. If you get several ottomans (ottomen?) and barricade all the exits so that the remaining space would be her own personal domain, would you call it “Kalena’s Ottoman Empire?”

  2. Don’t even bother with Safety First. They have safety kits that are crap. Crap I tell ya! Clyde pulled out everyone of the outlet covers- I even filled out a report after pulling several out of his mouth! Uh, choking hazard! We had success with the cabinet latch (you know, the kind that grab the door before it can open all the way). I don’t remember the brand though. eek. Anyway, it was nice to finally be able to have Clyde with me in the kitchen so I could cook and not have to worry about him pulling all the chemicals out from under the sink.

  3. Ditto on the outlet covers – it’s a favorite game of Patrick’s to pull them out and put them back in! And they do fit nicely in that li’l pie hole… So we cover outlets with tape now. Mostly I’ve found that babyproofing is obnoxious for me because it means things go where they shouldn’t logically go – like light things on the bottom shelves and heavy things up high. Dish towels in the bottom drawer and tupperware in lower cabinets, while all my canned goods are stacked way up high where I can’t see them. And dog food has great protein and veggies, so just let her have some, ok??

  4. Actually Kirsta, it’s not the eating it that I’m concerned about. I’m sure she’ll do that sooner or later. It’s the choking on it that worries me.

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