Guess who found the camera charger?!

So, turns out the camera charger wasn’t actually lost, I’m just an idiot. Apparently, the cord has been sitting on Brian’s desk all along while I looked for it in drawers and duffel bags. The thing is, it was sitting next to our video camera so I just assumed it was for the video camera. If I had ever bothered to pick it up and look at it, I could have been taking pictures weeks ago. Live and learn.

Anyway, I was glad to have it because Brian put Kalena in the very cutest outfit in the world today. (Seriously, the whole world.) After I took some pictures of this adorable outfit, I was looking at them and all I could think was– when did this tiny helpless thing–

turn into her own little person?

8 thoughts on “Guess who found the camera charger?!

  1. I was with someone today who was looking for her cell phone. I didn’t realize what she was looking for for a while, but then I was like, umm… Are you looking for your phone that’s on the table in front of you??? haha

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