Happy Hallmark Holiday!

I’m not a Valentine’s day hater like many of my college friends were, but I’m not just a huge fan either. It just seems a little overrated to me. Restaurants are crowded, pink and red stuffed animals are well, strange, and personally I’d rather have a single sumptuous piece of dark chocolate than a heart shaped box of mediocre bon-bons. Also, roses on Valentine’s day? UNREAL. Flowers.com has 18 roses in a vase for $114.99. Over ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for something you’re going to THROW AWAY in a week! You can get 18 roses from Sam’s club for $12.99 and you know something? Once you put them in a vase nobody will know the difference.

I think we should continue celebrating Valentine’s day like we did in elementary school– all day party with cupcakes. Because who doesn’t love cupcakes? Anyway, just my opinion.

Also, if you ever get the urge to buy me flowers? Roses from Sam’s club would be lovely.

4 thoughts on “Happy Hallmark Holiday!

  1. I love you and all, but you’re not worth 100 bucks 😉 Even roses from King Soopers were $34 for a dozen yesterday, I’m sure today is worse. I made Joe French toast for breakfast and gave him a homemade card, that was my v-day contribution! I really like valentine’s day, but I’m a bit of a cheeseball at heart, and a chocoholic, so it’s perfect for me.

  2. I feel the exact same day. I told Caleb if he ever gets me roses like that I will be ticked. I’ve suggested the Sam’s roses many times However. I have a blog to write about this too. Coming soon….

  3. I’m not the hugest Valentines Day fan, but I did get engaged on this day last year, and my husband got me flowers (king soopers) and had them sent to my work today, and tomorrow we’re going to the Melting Pot. How can I hate on that??

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