Why do I love ebay?

Because without eBay, I wouldn’t be able to afford this:

Well, eBay and our tax return. Speaking of which, why do I love Brian so much? Because he is ridiculously on top of things and did our taxes so early that we got our return 2 weeks ago. Yay for extra money and online shopping! And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be getting more posts about the online shopping. Especially since I’m a nerd and my biggest purchase was a bunch of kids books. I am overly excited about these books, but I just can’t help myself. Anyway, I’ll post more about them after they get here. (Soon I hope!!)

6 thoughts on “Why do I love ebay?

  1. VERY cute, it really looks like the one Karl got me for Christmas a few years ago! Still love it… You should have bought a big one, though, since purses usually end up doubling as diaper bags – you need to be able to stash at least one diaper, one toy, and some snacks “for the baby”!

  2. If you aren’t totally picky you can have a real “Goach”. I bought a cute purse from Dusty’s and didn’t know it was a Coach look alike. If you look close you can tell they are G’s that want to be C’s.

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