The downfalls of digital cameras

A week or so ago I got ambitious. I decided I wanted to sort through the pictures on my computer and print out the ones I want to scrapbook. Turns out that, with the exception of our honeymoon pictures, the last time I printed pictures was my college graduation. Which means I have almost 4 years worth of pictures on my hard drive. A BUSY 4 years. I got married, 3 of my siblings got married, Brian’s cousin got married, both my nephews were born, I had a baby, we went to Hawaii, we went on a cruise, we bought a house, we got some dogs, and many other things. And ALL these events are recorded in pictures which are oh so conveniently located in folders on my computer. Folders that, all told, hold more than 2,000 pictures.

Fortunately, I get to pick and choose which ones to print. Unfortunately it is taking me DAYS to do that. Note to self– print pictures more often!

5 thoughts on “The downfalls of digital cameras

  1. That’s why I like the blog. I just create the blog book as I go and then delete them off the computer. It also makes me less nervous because I have them saved on the web not just on my computer that could crash. Caleb just deleted last year’s photos. It took off 4.5 gigs!!!!

  2. I was just talking to Mom about that! I sort of wish that we went back to having rolls of film with 27 pictures on them that we were forced to print!! I do love my digi cam, but who wants to have all their memories on the computer?? Not me!!

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