Wherein I talk more about eBay

Another thing I like to buy on eBay– baby clothes. It’s thrift store shopping with the convenience of not having to leave the house. The best of all worlds really. Anyway, I generally bid on clothes that come in groups of several pieces because you’re bound to get some good stuff. I recently got some that included baby gauchos! I didn’t even know they made gaucho pants for babies, but apparently they do and they are pretty freaking cute. Soooooo, since baby was wearing said gauchos yesterday I wanted to take a picture. Unfortunately, Kalena has decided that she is much too busy to pose for pictures these days.

Busy pulling the power cord out of Brian’s laptop.

Busy trying to grab Brian’s feet on the coffee table.

Busy picking out toys.

Busy crawling away from me.

Busy trying to wrestle the camera from my hands.

Busy trying to get to the diapers and throw them all over the room.

So here’s the best shot of the bunch. Tongue out, making her way over to Brian. She has power cords to pull on you know.

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