Happy National Grammar Day!

Grammar: now there’s something worth celebrating. I bet you didn’t even know there was a National Grammar Day did you? Okay fine, I didn’t know either until this morning.

I’m a little weird about grammar myself. I think everyone ought to know the rules of grammar, BUT they don’t always need to be followed. Exhibit A: this blog. I blog like I talk. This doesn’t generally result in grammatically perfect posts. I’m not a spectacular writer, so I resort to writing like I talk to get my personality across. There’s nothing wrong with that, in my opinion (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t do it.) Some of my favorite blogs read much more like a conversation than a book. However, I think breaking the rules is very different than not knowing the rules. Completely ignoring capitalization and punctuation doesn’t make you E. E. Cummings, for instance.

Anyway, since schools don’t do the greatest job teaching grammar, you should all go check out the national grammar day website. If you click on the link for the top 10 grammar tips in the upper right corner of the page you can have all your burning grammar questions answered. (I KNOW you have burning grammar questions.) Plus you can find out who had the worst grammar in 2008! So there you have it. Just when you think I can’t get any nerdier I have to go and get excited about grammar.

9 thoughts on “Happy National Grammar Day!

  1. Dad, according to Wikipedia he used both the capitalized and lowercase versions.Laura, that is really, really, really sad. Does the teacher not know how to use spell check?

  2. Our options were Houston, New Orleans area, or Bakersfield. Caleb hates Houston. I will never live near New Orleans. If they offer Calgary, we’d choose it over CA. I mess up on my grammar in my blog all the time because I’m usually in a hurry and don’t have time to re-read it well. I get annoyed at people who use “I” improperly. I would rather they used “me” improperly than put “I” in just because they think it’s alway right. I haven’t looked at the grammar site but I will and I hope I don’t find anthing I do ALL the time. We all mess up sometimes. I taught English though so I’d feel terrible!

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