My springtime pumpkin

Why do we have Kalena dressed up like a jack-o-lantern in March you ask? Well, here’s what happened. I bid on some fleece sleepers on eBay (because apparently I am addicted to eBay). They are 18 month size which I figured would be perfect. Kalena will be 18 months old in November and I thought the sleepers would fit a couple months before that. They got here a few weeks ago. They fit now. At least they got here while it was still cold. Also, since they only cost $2 apiece (after shipping- woohoo!) I won’t have to feel too bad if she only gets to wear them a couple times before summer sets in. Because apparently that will be happening sometime next week.

6 thoughts on “My springtime pumpkin

  1. THanks for the black bean comment. I’ve gotta do that. The only reason I don’t is laziness and it’s not a good enough excuse!I just got new storage containers at a yard sale so between your suggestion and those I think I will finally do it!

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