Playing favorites

As I’m sure you all know, Kalena spends lots of time with Brian. She gets a fair amount of time with me, but overall she gets more time with her dad. Until recently this worked great. Because she got to see so much of both of us, she was mostly indifferent to who was holding her or feeding her or who she was hanging out with. And when we were both around that was just twice as good in her opinion. Of course, this also meant that she cried anytime either of us left, but hey, you win some you lose some.

Then a few weeks ago Brian had spring break. So he got to be home with her for a whole week. All day, every day, he was there. And since then? He is THE parent. She cries when he leaves. If she realizes she’s in a room without him she will crawl around until she finds him. If he sets her down next to me and walks away she cries even though I am RIGHT THERE. Even when I’m holding her, if I walk up to Brian she will reach out both her little hands and get his shirt in a death grip until he takes her from me. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t mind me, she just makes it clear that I am second choice. It’s pretty cute really, although I think the cute factor has worn off for Brian.

I think though, that the best part about stuff like this is the understanding Brian gets out of it. He has been up all night with a crying baby because I had to go to work the next morning. He has been home all day with a fussy baby who refuses to nap. He has spent 9 hours alone with a whining, teething 6 month old. And now he’s seen just how quickly it gets tiring to be the favorite parent. So someday, when the situations are reversed, he won’t ever look at what I’m doing and think, “How hard could it be?” because he already knows.

6 thoughts on “Playing favorites

  1. Every man should experience this. It could possibly save lots of marriages. 🙂 One Saturday Eli was in a really bad mood ALL day long. Chris just about went crazy. He said, “Now I know what you mean when you say that Eli is having a bad day.”

  2. Definately a blessing for later in life. I worked when M was a baby but Cabe was getting his masters and really wasn’t much help. I still got up in the night and did most everything. Seriously. He only did school work. I was exhausted especially since I had to stay an extra two hours at work to do prep work as well. I DO NOT miss those days.

  3. Joe thinks it’s pretty handy that I’m the favorite parent until I hand Patrick off because, favorite or not, he has TWO parents. Then it’s not so fun for him. But of COURSE Brian is her favorite, it’s like looking in a mirror! Who wouldn’t want that?

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