Spelling lesson for the day

Woah” is not a word. That’s why spellchecker underlines it in red. The word is “whoa.” AOL had an article today that used the word “woah.” Seriously AOL? Do you not even bother spellchecking anymore? I suppose that’s why they also had an article that said “a whole nother.” *sigh*

Remember everyone, spellchecker is your friend.

7 thoughts on “Spelling lesson for the day

  1. What is that unnecessary “h” and superfluous “a” doing in that word anyway? Do you actually pronounce it differently with the “h” than without? And with the “a” on the end, does that make the “o” a “long” vowel as in “boat,” or are we just supposed to add a little extra “ah” for emphasis at the end? Maybe it’s there to help prevent confusion with the word “who,” which, by all rights, should be pronounced “woe” anyway. These,of course, are the problems that have vexed lexicographers for as long as anyone can remember. Wow!

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