The Easter Post

Saturday, I went out looking for an Easter dress for Kalena. I know, that’s cutting it a little close, but I wasn’t looking for anything in particular so I figured I wouldn’t have a problem. Apparently I didn’t get the memo though, because I went to Wal-Mart AND Kohl’s and there was NOTHING. Fortunately Sam’s club came through with this lovely bit of pink frilliness (and for under $10 even):

Kalena’s a little young for candy or hunting eggs, so we skipped that this year. She did get a set of little golden books though. (We weren’t actually planning to do anything, but I am a complete SUCKER when it comes to buying books. I can resist the baby clothes, but not the books.) I wanted to take a picture of her when we actually gave her the books, but she gets so distracted by the camera that she probably wouldn’t have noticed she was getting something new. Instead we just watched her be adorably excited and took pictures later. Here she is with some of the books. I’m pretty sure EVERYBODY needs a copy of The Pokey Little Puppy.

The Easter family picture. It’s about time we took another one of the three of us. I think the last one we have before this was taken last September. Kalena only smiles when one of us is behind the camera so we settled for her looking in the right direction.

She’s a big fan of sitting on Brian’s shoulders.

Me with the little one. Or not so little one as the case may be. Hard to believe she’ll be a year old next month.

7 thoughts on “The Easter Post

  1. I waited until Satur. too and we almost bought the same dress….until I saw it had to be hand washed. I chose the only other one they had and it was the same price. Yay for Sam’s Club! Our kids didn’t even get real easter baskets. We got luau baskets at dollar tree.

  2. I think it was inspiration that had me check the tag – you know so we wouldn’t have our girls in the same dress on Sunday. You know He really cares about that stuff. 😉

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