Fun times in the kitchen

A couple years ago for Christmas, Kari gave me a bucket of 100 different cookie cutters. Now, this gift was awesome because I love making cookies, but lately it’s even more awesome because we get it out and let Kalena play with them while we cook. She used to just dump them and scatter them around the floor, but lately she is very interested in putting them back in the bucket.

I found out the other day that she doesn’t just want to put them in the bucket, she wants to put them in whatever is around. Like my boots.

She got them all the way down in the toe too, as I discovered later when I went to put those boots on.

2 thoughts on “Fun times in the kitchen

  1. Her smile….aahhh.. I just love it. And I love the little prizes in my shoes and other things. I smile every time. It’s actually one of my favorite things about my kids when they are little. It reminds of them in off moments.

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