Flavors of the week

It’s Friday, and I love Friday. It’s the beginning of the weekend and the weekend means grocery shopping and getting things done around the house and movie watching and all kinds of good stuff. Not that we don’t also do stuff like that during the week, there’s just more time to enjoy it on the weekend. Since I am in a list making mood today (alright fine, I’m always in a list making mood) here’s a list of things I’ve been loving this week:

1.) My Nalgene. Instead of filling up a regular water glass 8 times I just fill this thing up twice and stay nice and hydrated.

2.) Avocado. Seriously, my menu planning this week has involved me choosing foods solely based on what I can put avocado on. SO GOOD.

3.) Our vacuum and steam cleaner. Our carpets are SO clean!

4.) Brian, who is the one who was actually using the vacuum and steam cleaner. While I was at work. Without me even asking him to do it. Jealous?

5.) This little one for sleeping past 6:30 every day!

It’s been a good week:)

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