Yesterday I was digging through the glove-box in my truck, pulling out loose papers when I pulled out three nice looking 5X7 envelopes. My first thought was “uh oh.” I looked at them and yep. They were exactly what I thought they were. Three of Kalena’s birth announcements. Envelopes sealed, return address written, and first and last names of the people they were supposed to be mailed to. And no addresses for those people.

I remember now sticking them in there when I mailed the rest so I wouldn’t lose them. I figured I would get the addresses and mail them in the next day or so. Only when I did get the addresses I couldn’t find the envelopes. I was SURE I had left them on the front seat of the truck. Totally forgot about the glove-box. And then I forgot about the envelopes. Until I found them yesterday. So April, Jason & Tauna, and Maria, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry about the announcements. I blame the sleep deprivation.

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