Early Mother’s day

Last post I mentioned that my camera wouldn’t turn on. I was hoping it was a battery issue, but as it turns out, not so much. It won’t turn on. At all. The battery is charged, everything seems fine, but nothing happens when you push the power button. SOOOOO, we decided it’s time for a new camera.

Normally we don’t up and buy new electronics, but I can’t live without a camera. Especially not now. In the next two months we have: my parents visiting, Brian’s mom and sister (hopefully) visiting, Kalena turns one, Mother’s day, Father’s day, and my whole family visiting (my parents are making the trip twice in two months because they just love us that much:) ) Around here we usually have some sort of backup system– we have two laptops, an extra TV in the upstairs bedroom, a playstation 2 in the closet that works if our DVD player doesn’t– we like to be well prepared. But the only other camera we have (besides cell phone cameras, those don’t count) takes actual FILM. So yesterday we headed out to our favorite store, Best Buy, and got one of these:We’re calling it an early Mother’s Day gift. I’m sure I’ll be posting lots of pictures soon.

P.S. We’re pretty sure Kalena played a part in the demise of the other camera, so we bought the protection plan on this one. We really can’t affort to be buying new cameras every 7 months.

5 thoughts on “Early Mother’s day

  1. We learned early that baby spit and electronics don’t mix. I’ve lost 3 cell phones, 1 digital camera and 2 digital camera/usb cords. And I think a remote. Plus there are baby toys that don’t work now too. Why do they make baby toys that make noise if they’re not slobber-proof?!?!

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