One more way our dogs fail at being dogs

I think our dogs may actually be cats in disguise. They LOOK like dogs, but they sure don’t act like them. They don’t bark or jump or lick. They don’t fetch or beg. They don’t expect treats unless we call them outside. Don’t get me wrong, I love that they’re well behaved. Especially since all we had to teach them was to stay off the furniture. Sometimes though, I wish they would be just a little bit more…normal.

We’ve been trying to encourage the dogs to come over after Kalena is done eating to eat whatever she throws on the floor. Yes, we may be the ONLY people who have to encourage this. I’m glad our dogs are big enough that we don’t have to worry about these little tidbits affecting their weight because this habit is definitely out of laziness. The more the dogs clean up the less I have to right? This is what happened last night though. For dinner Brian made fish and steamed broccoli. Kalena just eats what we eat, so that’s what she had on her tray. And what she threw on the floor. After we took her out of the high chair Onyx* came over to see what there was to see. She ate up the fish bits Kalena had tossed her way then sniffed the broccoli and walked away.

And at that moment I realized that my dog is a pickier eater than my one year old.

*Brenna doesn’t eat off the floor. With the exception of dog food, she won’t eat anything you don’t hand her.

7 thoughts on “One more way our dogs fail at being dogs

  1. We have a command in our house – Whoops. That tells Hunter (well, Chloe has now figured it out) to come into the kitchen because we have dropped food. The only thing we’ve found that he won’t eat is broccoli (because it falls apart in his mouth and confuses him). Sometimes, he doesn’t eat lettuce either. Other than that, he’s a FANTASTIC cleaning tool. (I know of at least 2 other moms in my group who utilize the same tool). 🙂

  2. My dog fails as a dog because she is a golden RETRIEVER who doesn’t retrieve. She will just look at you like “You threw it, you get it.” She also doesn’t like to swim. Did I mention she’s a golden retirever?! The only thing she IS good at is being golden.

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