Things I learned from primary

Teaching Sunday school to 5 year olds and now being the primary secretary have taught me some things. Here are some of the more interesting lessons I’ve learned from these kids.

1.) You don’t need to know the words to a song to sing louder. You might think you need to, but you don’t. Also, the louder you sing, the less melody matters. Yelling garbled syllables is the epitome of “good singing” in the minds of primary children.

2.) Contrary to what you may have been told, answers to questions during the lesson do not need to relate. At all. Not even in some vague tangential way.

3.) The phrase “hands to yourself” apparently means something very different to the 12 and under crowd than to me. Also true for “stay in your chair” and “be quiet and listen.”

4.) As it turns out, drawing names from a mug is only “fair” when it’s your turn.

5.) Last, and maybe most importantly, as much as I love kids I never want to teach elementary school.

So, what lessons have you learned?

6 thoughts on “Things I learned from primary

  1. Reminds me of a piece I once did –“Everything I really needed to know I learned as Bishop.” Nice blog but do stay away from elementary teaching, unless it’s “engineering for dummies.”

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