3 years (and 1 day)

Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary. Three years ago after 14 lovely days of engagement, and about 24 hours of planning Brian and I got married. (Who needs a year to plan a wedding? All it takes is a quick trip to the mall for a dress and a phone call and you’re all set! No? Just us?) Last year’s post is more detailed if you missed it. And now for pictures of course!

Me at my parent’s house before hand.

Our favorite picture of the two of us.

Brian waiting.

Us with the bishop. He was nice enough to take the afternoon off work to marry us (he got a whole like 28 hour notice) AND to take the time before hand to make sure he was pronouncing “van de Boogaard” correctly. Also, aren’t those roses beautiful? They’re from Sam’s club.

I had to throw this in to show off Kari’s lovely wristbands. The reason we were in town in the first place was for Country Jam so we all had the wristbands (one for the concerts, one for the campsite.) I managed to slide mine off and Brian pushed his up under his shirt sleeves. Kari though, she just picked out her dress to match. Oh fine, I’m kidding. That dress was SUPPOSED to be her bridesmaids dress for Kirsta’s wedding (3 weeks earlier) but didn’t actually get to Kari until like 2 days before my wedding. (Because this store SUCKS. Worst customer service EVER.)

Anyway, it was all perfect for us. It’s been a wonderful three years.

10 thoughts on “3 years (and 1 day)

  1. Nice roses, who did the arrangement? And cute hair, who did that? You SERIOUSLY need to print off that favorite wedding photo of yours in an 8×10 for mom and dad's wall! Your graduation photo is still up. The photos are getting relocated (if I get my way) and the stair wall will become the new Grandchildren's Wall of Fame (better start printing off large photos of Kalena, too). Get on it!

  2. And is that where the title of your blog comes from? When people learn how long you were engaged, they just keep saying, "Seriously???" Because that's the only word going through my head right now!

  3. Congratulations! Super cute.I hated my planning my wedding but I LOOOOVE helping others plan theirs! My sisters, if they ever get married, are probably going to stop speaking to me, THAT'S HOW MUCH FUN I HAVE.

  4. wow that is an awesome engagement story. We planned our wedding in about three months and I thought that was quick, which is nice because I love weddings but REALLY don't need to think non stop about the planning you know? Happy Anniversary.

  5. Congratulations! You guys are so great together! Your pictures are beautiful. It must have been a fantastic day! I send wishes of all good things, for your sweet family!

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