It’s too bad I’m a morning person

These past couple days while I’ve been in Pueblo I’ve enjoyed a privilege that I haven’t had since before Kalena was born. No morning obligations. Every morning since Kalena was born I’ve had to get up, either for work, or for church, or for her. Even the days that Brian was sweet enough to get up with her and tell me to go back to sleep, I knew they were just waiting on me to get up.

Before we came to help out Kari, we (my mom and I) decided we’d probably be the most helpful if we weren’t also having to run around after a 1 year old. My sister Kirsta graciously offered to keep Kalena for a couple days so we could do that. So while Kalena enjoys playing with her cousin Patrick (you can read about the fun time they’re having over here) I get to spend my day just being an aunt. I get to hold the sweet baby, but pass her off when she cries. I get to watch her cute little facial expressions while she sleeps, and then enjoy my own night of sleep uninterrupted. And, of course, I get to sleep as late as I want in the morning. Turns out that the latest I want to sleep is 6:45 am. Yep, with no alarm, no sun shining in the window (it’s a basement bedroom), nobody getting me up, and no baby monitor with Kalena on the other end, I still don’t even sleep in until 7. That means without Kalena here I sleep roughly 20 minutes longer than I would otherwise. *SIGH* I guess that means I should stop complaining that she gets up early, because apparently even if she didn’t, I would.


One thought on “It’s too bad I’m a morning person

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of adulthood! What you've experienced is actually a rite of passage. Forget the marriage and the kid and the other kid on the way. Getting up early, even when you don't have to, is the REAL deal. You are truly an adult now.

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