Pictures and such

Apparently Kalena has been reading this blog, because she decided to bump up her wake up time by about an hour. That’s been fun, especially since she also wants bedtime to be about 2 hours later than normal. Hopefully things will get back to normal once we’re back in Grand Junction. Anyway, I never posted my 20 week picture, so here it is:

And since I hit 21 weeks yesterday, here’s that picture:

(Apparently the lighting in Kari’s dining room is really yellow.)

Miss Amelia is already into making fashion statements.

And Kalena is obviously thrilled to have a girl cousin.

4 thoughts on “Pictures and such

  1. Oh My Gosh!! Cute haircut!! You look adorable!!Kalena has changed already! Aaw. We're missing it all! I hope you're feeling good! You look great! It looks like your having good times with your family!

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