Well, I can’t back out now

After my mom left Pueblo, for a few days I was there with Kari and Kalena and baby Amelia. A couple times during those days Kari ran a quick errand leaving me at the house with the two little ones. I spent those quick errands alternating between thinking, “Okay, having two won’t be too bad.” and, “Oh my heavens what where we thinking having another one so soon?!” I just kept trying to remind myself that Kalena will be 19 months old when the next baby gets here, not 15 months, and that’s a big difference developmentally. (Please don’t tell me otherwise.)

Even those few moments alone with the two of them made me appreciate my mom that much more because the age difference between Kalena and Amelia is the same as the age difference between me and Kirsta. But she also had boys who were 4 and 6. Crazy.

Here’s my mom with the babies. She’s a professional.

P.S. There’s another picture where Kalena is smiling, but I just think her expression in this one is great. Do you think it’s an indication of how she’ll react when this baby is born?

3 thoughts on “Well, I can’t back out now

  1. I hate to break it to you…well…we ummm….survived Lauren, Emily and Zachary. There is a reason for the big break before Colbie. Chin up, you will do it, you will hate it, you will LOVE it and the kids will be happy to have siblings close in age! Oh, they will also want to kill each other, too. I am with Laura on the details. I have many periods of blackout. Probably for good reason!;)

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