The whole time Kalena was with me at Kari’s, Kari kept insisting that I need to get her hair cut. I kept arguing that I didn’t want to get it cut because I don’t want to deal with her having bangs, and that it would be fine if I would just do something with it instead of leaving it crazy all the time. So then when I got home I thought it would probably be useful to have some barrettes and such if I actually wanted to do anything with Kalena’s hair. I’ve mostly been keeping it out of her face with barrettes, but today I got ambitious and decided to put it in pigtails.

Pretty freaking cute, if I do say so myself. They aren’t the best pigtails ever since I had to do them while she walked around, but I’m guessing I’ll get better at that part. Also, I knew her hair was getting long, but I didn’t realize how long until the pigtails were actually in. It made her look so much like a little girl that I had to wonder where my baby went.

12 thoughts on “Pigtails!

  1. Okay, that's too cute!! It's amazing how just changing their hair makes them look so grown up! She really does look like a little girl! Get ready – here it comes!

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