I’m pretty sure it was whatever kind she used at lunch

Kari mentioned in the comments on one of my posts that she would hardly call life with my grandma “vacation.” I’ve mentioned that we’re staying with my parents until our house sells, and for those of you who don’t know, my dad’s mom lives with my parents. If you don’t know my grandma it’s hard to explain her. (She is the same grandma I talked about in this post.) Suffice it to say she gets a little temperamental and if you take everything she says personally, you’re going to get your feelings hurt sooner or later. Luckily I don’t take ANYTHING she says personally (or seriously most of the time) so she often provides a source of amusement during my days at home. I just can’t try too hard to make sense of her because I would probably go crazy.

For instance, this happened the other day: Kalena was in my grandma’s room playing (there is a touch sensitive lamp in there that she LOVES) so I was in there just hanging out. I noticed something gunky on my grandma’s walker so I got a wet paper towel and started wiping it off. It was quickly apparent to me that the gunky stuff was jelly and had probably not been there long as easily as it came off. Anyway, my grandma asked me what I was doing so I told her there was some jelly on her walker and I was just cleaning it up. And at this point, what do you think she asked me? How it got there? What jelly was doing on her walker? How did I know it was jelly? No. None of those things. What she asked me was, “what flavor is it?” Apparently she just wanted to know the important stuff.

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