Luckily I don’t watch much TV

I know that most commercials are annoying, and I usually just try to ignore that. I’ve seen one particular commercial recently that I just really want to complain about though. It’s for Children’s Miracle Network and one line in the commercial says that the so-and-so twins “were born 24 weeks premature.” So that’s saying they were born 24 weeks early. Meaning they were born at 16 weeks. Now, I’m no doctor, but considering that 23 weeks is about the earliest age of viability I’m thinking these twins weren’t born at 16 weeks. I KNOW that they probably mean they were born at 24 weeks, but then the wording should be “were born premature at 24 weeks” or something along those lines. Because the way it is now is WRONG. And it makes me want to call up somebody and tell them so. But I don’t because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t do me any good and someone would probably accuse me of hating kids because I want to correct a Children’s Miracle Network commercial. Anyway…any commercials that really annoy you these days?

7 thoughts on “Luckily I don’t watch much TV

  1. lol. I haven't seen any commercials in a long time except at Ashleigh's before we went running last night. It was a gun commercial. We both commented it was the first time we had seen a commercial for a gun.

  2. I happen to like the pile o' money Geico commercials, I always wish there was a little stack of money making googly eyes at ME! You don't see these unless you watch daytime TV, but the HeadOn commercials (Apply directly to the forehead! HeadOn! Aplly directly to the forehead! HeadOn! Apply directly to the forehead!) are OUTRAGEOUSLY obnoxious.

  3. Those Children's Miracle Network commercials bug me too, because I *specifically* recall that there was a very premature baby girl born a little more than a year before Espen. The girl, at 21 weeks 6 days gestation, was the youngest female to survive. Apparently, there was a male who survived at 21 weeks 5 days. Anyway, the point is they were 127 and 128 days early, respectively. That's a little over 18 weeks. So either the CMN knows about some kid(s) born a month and a half earlier that the world record holders or their script writers are idiots. By the way, the girl was 9 inches long and 10 ounces. The boy doesn't have a birth size recorded, but he left the hospital when he was 4 months old, weighing 5 lbs 13 ounces. The boy is fine, attends college and plays rugby.

  4. I know this post is WAY old, but that commercial drives me crazy. I just saw a NEW version of it where they make the exact same claim.I've contacted them before. Apparently they're just stupid.

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