Bed head

I just wanted to post some photographic evidence that Kalena has the best bed-head in the world. Incidentally, she gets that from Brian, not me. My hair doesn’t look great in the morning, but when Brian’s hair isn’t all shaved off it gets CRAZY. Seriously. Brian’s hair was longer when I had Kalena and one morning in the hospital the PA came in to check on me and he started to say something to me but then he turned to Brian and said, “really I just come in here every morning to see what your hair looks like.” I wish I had pictures of THAT. Anyway, here she is a couple weeks ago when we stayed at Kirsta’s. This is what her hair looked like when she woke up.

Someday she’ll totally be able to pull off one of those hair cuts like Meg Ryan had when she played in French Kiss.

5 thoughts on “Bed head

  1. If you have a Snipits salon near you (kids salon), they have the BEST bedhead stuff EVER. It's called Morning Miracle and it's a spray in mousse. We use it in Jordan's hair (every morning and after nap).

  2. She has what I THINK my hair will look like in the morning, but then I look in the mirror and say "oh, not bad! Well forget it, I'm not going to do it today, it's good enough already!" I think she should wear it like that to church 🙂

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