Wake up call

This Sunday was the blessing of my niece Amelia so we had lots of visitors. (I’ll be posting pictures later.) The Phelps family, the Jacobs family and my uncle Mark all stayed here at my parents’ so we had quite the full house. This meant we had to have Kalena in our room in a pack and play instead of her own room. This was fine since I figured out the trick to getting Kalena to sleep in a pack and play is to give her a pillow. Seriously, that’s all she wanted. Anyway, it did mean that we didn’t get to ignore her so much in the mornings as we generally do. Usually she’ll talk to herself in her crib for 20 min or half an hour in the morning, but if she realizes we’re there she wants to be up RIGHT NOW.

On Saturday morning it didn’t even get to that point though. Here’s what happened. I woke up around 6:30 to Kalena talking to herself. I listened to her for a few minutes wondering how long it would take her to realize we were in the room. But then I hear her unmistakably fill up her diaper. And then, in the sweetest little quite voice I hear her say, “uh oh.” And that’s when I got out of bed.

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