Cause I’m weird like that

Most of my pregnancy symptoms are normal.  (Also, mild.  Another post on that later.)  BUT, there are a couple things that are just downright weird.  I had these symptoms with Kalena but thought maybe I was just crazy and it was all in my head.  Turns out not so much, because they are both back.

The first is: when I’m pregnant I develop a mild allergy to onion.  Yep, when I’m pregnant (and only when I’m pregnant) eating raw onions causes my lips and tongue to get all tingly and a little numb.  It’s nothing that keeps me from eating onion, but it is a little strange.
The second is: my hands fall asleep ALL THE TIME.  This one at least makes sense; I’m sure it’s related to increased blood volume during pregnancy, but still, it’s a little much.  For instance, working on a stitchery causes one and sometimes BOTH my hands to fall asleep.  Even though one of them is moving!  Spending more than 10 minutes or so online (if I’m scrolling a lot) makes my scrolling fingers fall asleep.  If I sleep with one hand under my pillow it will be SO asleep when I wake up that I can’t even move my fingers.  
I wonder if I’ll have these with every pregnancy.  Anybody else have any crazy pregnancy things?

6 thoughts on “Cause I’m weird like that

  1. crazy about the onion. every time i ate fresh peas or carrots, i got that same tingle on my tongue, only my throat hurt too. weird stuff pregnancy does to us, eh?

  2. I was VERY allergic to bananas pre-pregnancy. I would get hives and have problems breathing by even being close to bananas (kind of like severe peanut allergies you hear about).During pregnancy and post pregnancy I am no longer allergic to bananas. I eat bananas like they are going out of style!!

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