Pumpkin Patch

I know these should have come before the Halloween ones.  But here they are now.  The pumpkin patch was pretty fun, although Kalena seemed a little overwhelmed by it all.  She was very quiet and not very smiley.  But that may have been because she was tired and almost fell asleep while we drove around for 20 minutes looking for the patch.  Turns out our google directions were wrong.  (You already know how I feel about google maps.)  Luckily we found it anyway.

Made it there!
Checking out the animals.  I’m not sure Kalena actually understood that these were Real Live Sheep.  She just stared.  
Cousin Espen wasn’t sure why this corn didn’t taste as good as the other corn he’s had.

Hanging out with the pumpkins.

Kalena was considerably more willing to sit than Espen was.  Again, I think it had to do with The Tired.  Espen, on the other hand, wanted to run around and touch every pumpkin in the patch.

We didn’t actually carve our pumpkin because I didn’t think Kalena would care (also, I didn’t want to) but the trip was fun anyway.  Besides, at this age you really just do this stuff for the pictures right?  Well, that and to get out of the house to keep from going crazy.  Not that I claim to be sane.  Anyway, I would call this first trip to the pumpkin patch a success.

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