Kalena has recently developed somewhat of an obsession with shoes.  (Do all toddlers go through this phase?  It sort of seems like they do.)  She wants to try on any shoes that are laying around, or she’ll bring you a pair of shoes for YOU to wear, or she’ll ask repeatedly for her shoes until you put them on.  Although, you’ve got to pay attention because her word for “shoes” and her word for “juice” are essentially the same.  And by “juice” she just means something to drink– water, milk, diet coke– she calls it all juice. 

Anyway, it’s pretty cute to see her in someone’s flip flops, or walking around very carefully in my mom’s high heels, but I just couldn’t resist taking some pictures of her when she started wearing my boots.  I guess you can take the girl out of Texas…

4 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. Cute!!! Jordan loves shoes too. And everything is "milk" to her (although she has learned the word "coffee" recently and now recognizes my coffee cup!!)

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