On time (ish)

Here I am, 34 weeks pregnant. This picture looks a little weird, I think because of the mode the camera was on. Oh well, at least I took one this week right?

In terms of the pregnancy, I am feeling pretty good. The one MAJOR difference I’m noticing from last time is contractions. I have contractions ALL THE TIME. With Kalena I had contractions, um, never. Looking back at my blog posts from my pregnancy with her, the first time I even MENTION contractions I was 38 weeks 5 days. And then it was only to say that I was hardly having any. This time it seems like everything I do causes them. Carrying Kalena, walking up or down stairs, getting up off the floor, getting up off the couch, sometimes I even have them while I’m sitting there doing nothing. It’s a crazy change from last time. Hopefully it’s a good sign though.
And now I should go to bed, because these days Kalena believes that anything after 4:00 am is plently late enough to get up for the day.
P.S. NO. Getting up at 4:30 am every day has NOT made her naps any better.

2 thoughts on “On time (ish)

  1. Sorry the nap situation isn't any better. 4am is too EARLY! I know you know that…You might consider having her sleep in another room (i.e. all the way downstairs) and see if she will fall back asleep. She might wake up, see you, and be ready to visit.

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