Good to know

Kalena has never been much for TV. Not that I try to get her to watch anything, but we haven’t been super strict about avoiding it either. For the most part, when the TV is on she ignores it unless she is sick (in which case she mostly is just cuddling with the person ACTUALLY watching TV) or very tired (again with the cuddling.) I don’t have the TV on much during the day, mostly because there are plenty of other things I ought to be doing.

Anyway, her cousin Patrick is big on movies, so when we were at Kirsta’s I was interested to see if Kalena would watch if Patrick was watching. Not really, as it turned out. She would play near him, and watch occasionally, but she wasn’t interested in sitting and watching like he does.
The other day though, Kalena kept wanting me to sing to her. And sing, and sing, and sing. (Itsy bitsy spider mostly. She’s started “doing” the actions along with me which is adorable by the way.) Anyway, I was getting quite weary of singing so I thought to myself, “hey, my parents have on-demand, and I bet there is some kids show on there with singing.” I didn’t know whether Kalena would actually watch or not, but I figured it was worth a try. So I looked and sure enough, there was a show where they sing nursery rhymes and songs so I turned it on. And Kalena watched. Then she watched another one (they are 10 minute episodes.) And when I turned it off she asked for more. I decided to test out a little theory and see if she would just watch shows geared toward kids, so this morning I turned on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and she watched! Apparently it’s just the singing she likes. She doesn’t care if it’s animated or people or what. I guess she just wants to be sung to.

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