18 months

On Wednesday Kalena hit 18 months. (18 months on the 18th, YAY!) We had her 18 month checkup today and here are the stats:

33.5 inches tall (93%)
27 lbs 8 oz (90%)
I think the weight might have been a little higher than normal though, because this morning Kalena was eating like it was going out of style! Her appointment was at 9:30 am and before that she ate 2 eggs with toast, a slice of bread (while we grocery shopped), a yogurt, and some banana. I guess she was hungry. Anyway, developmentally she’s right on. It was interesting to hear the different recommendations though. In Texas our pediatrician said no whole milk, just 2%, but here they recommended she get whole milk. Also, our dentist friend in Midland said take her in at 2, but our pediatrician here said the AAP recently changed the recommendation to taking them in at 1 year. (So I guess I should get on that.)
The doctor’s only concern was (confession time here) Kalena still takes a bottle to sleep. (I know! I posted forever ago about getting her off the bottle and then I never did.) She only gets water, so the doctor said that isn’t so bad, but we still need to get rid of it. She recommended we either do it SOON, like before this baby comes so Kalena doesn’t associate the two, or wait until the new year when things have settled down some. We’ll see.
Kalena missed her 15 month appointment because we were in the process of moving, and she’d already missed one shot at her 12 month appointment so she needed 5 shots today. The doctor said we didn’t have to do them all today, but I SO did not want to come back and Kalena has always handled shots well so I said go ahead and do them all. (I hope that doesn’t make me heartless.) She did great though, took all 5 shots without crying. She did start crying when the nurse put the band-aids on though, don’t know what that was all about.
I think that’s it. Hopefully she’ll stay healthy and we won’t have to see the doctor again until next May! (For her anyway. Obviously having a new baby means many more trips.)
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3 thoughts on “18 months

  1. Yay for healthy kiddos! What I think is funny is that Jordan and Kalena are the same height but our doc says 91% and yours was higher. Crazy! (Oh, and when Jordan got her H1N1, she didn't cry either. No shots for us at this appointment!)

  2. After Amelia got 5 shots at her 2 month appt everyone was like "you should split those into 2 appts" and I said "NO WAY i want to have TWO horrible days every 2 months." way to go Kalena on no crying! That's awesome.

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